Why is LinkedIn more valuable than other Social Platforms?


Social media star- LinkedIn:

The social media is an integral part of today’s life and from doing business to searching the job or making contacts, everything revolves around the social media. With the enhancement of social media awareness, numerous social media tools are available, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. But among all these one platforms of sharing, posting and connecting is very popular, called as LinkedIn. LinkedIn is social media platform which stands out among the other social platforms. The unique system and chaos free environment provided by the LinkedIn team is highly appreciated by the people.

LinkedIn is highly professional and authentic platform to promote your B2B services or searching for the dynamic job opportunities. The LinkedIn is no nonsense platform which is specially designed for the professionals and students who are looking for the platform for networking and gaining the right contacts.

What makes LinkedIn special?

  • LinkedIn is a professional networking platform to bring down people with the same interest together under one huge circle.
  • With the cool features of LinkedIn professionals and students can use this platform for career growth and they can excel in their career.
  • It is a powerful tool which helps a recruiter to find right candidates to hire them.
  • Similarly, it helps a student to make a career with an organization and a professor to growth.
  • LinkedIn open the global gates for the business professional or any other professionals as the reach of this platform is vast.
LinkedIn vs Facebook

Okay, so Facebook is more of an entertainment platform as compared to the LinkedIn. TheLinkedIn┬áprovides the more secure and hassle free environment to professionals for the growth, but Facebook is a very opened platform that it’s hard to be professional on it. So, Facebook is for the fun and LinkedIn for some serious work.

LinkedIn vs Twitter

Twitter is the latest trending short messaging website which has popularized the word Hashtag. On an average, there are over 500 million tweets per day on Twitter. The people talk about the latest trends and share their views on the Twitter about it. But that’s it, you can share your views on some topic but you can’t promote your services on Twitter. So, Twitter is to follow trends but LinkedIn is for making trends.

LinkedIn vs Instagram

Instagram is online photo-sharing social networking website. People share their photos and videos on it. The users can post the picture of their product on the Instagram for promotion and more than that you can’t do anything productive with the Instagram. More over the Instagram app is only available for the Android and iOS users. Whereas LinkedIn allows you to post pictures and write about the product also. So, LinkedIn can perform the functions of Instagram but it can’t.

LinkedIn vs Tumblr

Tumblr is micro-blogging social networking website owned by Yahoo. Users can share pictures, videos, and posts. The few disadvantages of Tumblr as compared to the LinkedIn that it has young and smaller followers.

Well, this comparison between LinkedIn and other leading social media platforms has cleared that for the professionals and students, LinkedIn is a more appropriate. So, go on create your LinkedIn profile today itself.

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