4 Myths about the Cool Linux System


Linux Is Summoned Around Myths

Well, we all know about Linux operating system, but guys do we really know the Linux? You see friends I’m asking this question because we only know some basic information about Linux.

We know that it is operating software like Windows and iOS, but apart from that, we know nothing regarding it. Now, here I’m not referring to technology geeks, I’m talking about common home users. Because today after almost 17 years of Linux launch, still numerous people are not fully aware of Linux system.

And, this half information always generates few myths and misconceptions. So, today in this post, we will try to clear four very common myths regarding Linux system. And, will try to make you all Linux lovers at the end of the post.

Myth #1 – Linux is a very difficult system

Oh, yes, numerous people assume that learning and operating Linux is very difficult. But, guys this is a big fat myth, you see Linux is just like another operating system. Where it might take you few minutes to get familiar with the basics of the software, but in the end, you can easily operate it.

Remember the time when the computer was first introduced? That golden time when we can’t even control the cursor with the help of mouse. And, look now, how we can easily operate cursor through the touchpad. This all happened because we practiced hard and doesn’t get scared of the computer. So, similarly Linux is easy, just required little practice and hard work.  

Myth #2 – Using Linux command line knowledge is required

Okay, folks, yes Linux has powerful command line and it makes Linux experience double interesting via using command lines. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t operate Linux without the command lines. No, guys, Linux has very simple user-friendly interface just like Windows. So, no need to be code ninja to operate Linux.

Learning codes might make your problems get easily sorted out, like in any other software. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t operate Linux without codes.

Myth #3 – Linux doesn’t support your favorite apps

Linux is a very enriched operating system, so yes Linux has numerous apps to ease out your life. Well, Linux app market isn’t wide as Android or iOS app stores, but it got a decent amount of apps available. And, moreover, Linux is a developing system, so everyday new apps are introduced in Linux market. Some popular apps like Skype are already supporting the Linux.

Myth #4 – Linux has nothing for gamers

Please, people, Linux has plenty of options for the gamers. The Linux gaming market is very rapidly growing as numerous PC game companies are launching their Linux version also. Dell’s gaming range Alienware has Ubuntu variants available. And, popular gaming company Steam has already designed around 3000 Linux games. So, gamers Linux has covered your interest as well.

Okay, so my lovely regular computer users, you can easily use Linux for listening to music, web surfing, watching movies etc. Now, don’t be afraid of Linux and try to adopt it.

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