Why linux is more Secure than Other Operating Systems?


Linux security preface:

Linux is an operating system like iOS and Windows. The popularity of the Linux OS has been increasing very rapidly and more smart devices with Linux OS is being developed nowadays. The biggest reasons behind the enormous increase in the popularity of Linux is considered the high tech security system of the Linux. Linux is an open source operating system whose code can be easily read out by the users, but still, it is the more secure operating system when compared to the other OS(s).

Though Linux is very simple but still very secure operating system, which protects the important files from the attack of viruses and malware. So, if you are wondering how Linux is more secure than the giant operating systems, like iOS, Windows, and Android, then to better understand this, look at few advantages of Linux security.

How Linux security overpowers other OS?

  1. A perk of Accounts.

In the operating system such as Windows, users have full admin access to the accounts of software. When the virus strikes in this system and then within few seconds it corrupts the whole system. In short, all the files are in danger due to the open access, but in the Linux, very low access is given to the users. Thus the viruses can’t attack the whole system and they only attack few files, and other system works without any issue.

  1. Strong Community.

Windows and other operating systems are more vulnerabilities to the type of social engineering Ltd compared to Linux. Amateur users can easily expose to the viruses in other OS by opening one email. But this is not the case in the Linux and user needs full execution right before opening any new attachment. Thus web developers and testers prefer this system as it saves them from the vulnerabilities.

  1. IPtables.

A high tech security of IPtables is used by the Linux to enhance the security circle of the system. This firewall that allows you to create a more secure environment for the execution of any command or access the network.

  1. Different working environment.

Linux system operates in the different environment such as such as Linux Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Arch, and many others. The division and segmented working environment protect from the attack of the virus. On the other hand, Windows isn’t much divided operating system and thus it is more exposed to the threats.

  1. Recording in Linux.

A Proper log is established in the Linux of the timing and it can be viewed later on easily. If someone tries to enter safe system files, these system gaps can be viewed by the system administrator. Also, the disk to fail attempts are presented to read for later on.

  1. Fewer users.

The number of users in the Linux operating system is lesser than the iOS or Windows user. Thus fewer people are using Linux system makes it more secure as compared to the overly crowded operating system Windows.


Well, saying that the Linux is 100% secure operating system is impossible as no OS is fully secured. To make the systems fully secure further software’s are required, but still, Linux has few features which make it more secure than the other operating software.

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