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In 2017, and if you look around the internet to find the trending technologies, there are 3 technologies that are undoubtedly listed, first one being, data science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Now, interestingly all three of these technologies uses a common language which is Python. Python is a very easy to learn language and hundreds of startups are working with Python alongside some top notch MNC’s. There are some institutes and training centers who recently changed their first language from C to Python because first time programmers doesn’t find Python complicated at all and Beginners are easily able to learn Python.

We will now be diving to see some strong reasons to learn python :

  1. Money & Top MNC’s
    If you look around to find MNC’s who aren’t working on Python, I bet you can find any because Google, IBM, Oracle and you name it, all use python language. In the recently conducted survey, there has been an increment of around 20% job demand in python which is also highest in comparison to other languages. In US, python has been the ranked at #8 in terms of demands in tech market and the average salary that a python developer earns in US is roughly $106/year. The demands of Python developers has been increasing at a very fast pace and the amount of jobs will continue to increase in the coming future.
  2. Quick to grab and power of a giant
    The most important reason to take Python especially if you are beginner is just that, Python is very easy to understand, the syntax is very natural, understandable and easy to write but this doesn’t make Python any less powerful. Even if python han an easier to learn code, it doesn’t actually means that Python is less powerful. Python, as I already mentioned above, has been used in every trending technologies in the market right now and most importantly even when the python has a base of ‘C’ programming, there are some centers where python is replacing C language which is huge in a way as well. Learning C as first language, sometimes do depress a lot of people because it gets trickier with every passing topic, which is exactly not a case in python. Python is very easy for beginners and incase you know any language like c, c++, java etc., learning python will be a cakewalk for sure and it will not take more than 3 days to get familiar or even comfortable to use Python.
  3. Python in Web Development
    It will be interesting to know that websites Pinterest and Instagram are developed using python’s framework Django. As a python programmer, Django is the only framework required to get started with Web Development in python. Django has a very less code and it works like a charm. The support of Django community is extremely high and what interest to note here that, startups opt for python is mainly because they are able to convert their dream into reality which less hours on keywords and maximum output. Also, in the recent times python has been using for GUI applications a lot because of its framework called PyQT and the amount of development that is happening in Python is crazy.

    Ending this blog on a note that Python is easy and it’s for everyone, very less time consuming and importantly it will land you up at a job which you someday dream of. You can get your hands on this extremely nice python course : Python 3 – Be a paid IT professional.

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