How to make your Chatbot Standout among the People?


Ideology of Chatbots

Every user required fast, reliable and 24/7 service from their gadget company. So, Facebook thought a way to offer that users with the chatbots. Which I may tell you to turn out to be one of the other great inventions of Facebook. And, within three months of the launch around 11,000 virtual chatbots have been created. That’s means 120 chatbots are being created daily.

That’s very reciprocated method of connecting with your customers. But, as this is quite new technology and half of the people can’t understand it yet properly. Thus according to Botanalytics, 40% of users abandon chatbots after first interaction and another 25% users after the second interaction. ┬áSo, it is very hard to get a desirable response for your chatbot.

But, you know we have a solution for every hard situation and we also have a solution to make your chatbot standout. So, simply follow these methods and make people love your chatbot.

  1. Get The Users

Okay, guys, you have to dumb your old promotional policy here and have to adopt a new strategy to promote your chatbot. You have to get users for your chatbot but in an unusual way. Like, taking help of the professional YouTubers to add your chatbot into their video. Such as, Mitsuku gained more than 5 million users by using a gaming website Mousebraker as its platform.

  1. Highly Functional Bot

Your bot should offer the service to the users in minimum buttons. One should design their chatbot is such a manner that it can solve the problem in minimum messages. Try to include speech recognition, contextual controls, user menus, etc in your bot.

  1. Every Feedback Is Important

No, don’t be all sentimental over few negative feedbacks. As every person likes and dislikes are different. So, when your chatbot receives negative feedback, then carefully examine the complaint and try to fix it. If possible interact with the author of feedback and ask more questions from them to fix the issue.

  1. Think About Every Pitfall

Well, the user can ask anything from the chatbot, so you have to design it after taking all scenarios into consideration. A user can ask any question from the chatbot and that in any language. Or the user might use bit offensive language also if they won’t get the desired result. So, you have to be prepared for every situation in advance.

  1. Encourage Storytelling

When a person uses chatbot, then he may expect a response like a human. But, when they get all monotone and dumb machines response, then they start to hate it. So, a good chatbot should operate like humans. It should be designed to ask silly questions and offer situational remarks. A successful chatbot is always like a story with which users can interact easily.

  1. Analyze And Improve

Try to understand the needs of your users and even you should try to resolve them as soon as possible. User engagement statistics and analytics are extremely important tools in making your bot better and as the result more popular.

So, entrepreneurs make one functional and human-like working chatbot to attract users toward your chatbot.

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