How to manage a team Remotely?


Remote Management skills:

The biggest and the out-most reason behind any successful or failed business venture is the management skills of the higher authorities. The proper management of human resources is very vital to get desired results and this whole management thing gets little difficult if you are managing a remote team. Well, the remote team can be explained as, suppose your head office is in India, but you have branch offices in Canada, Dubai, and Singapore. So, in this situation, it is practically impossible for one person to manage all teams at once, but to sustain in this over-competitive world you have to do to that.

So, it is very crucial for any manager or business owner to learn the art of remotely managing their teams to establish sync between them. Managing team remotely isn’t rocket science, just with the right knowledge and tools anyone can remotely manage their team. The key here is to understand all shortcomings and convert them into an opportunity to faze your management skills. Well, we have few common points constructed that would help the new manager to understand the depth of remote team management.

The trick to Ramble your team remotely!

  1. Establish healthy communication channel.

Okay, that’s a simple trick that a child can pin out. To manage the team remotely it is very important to establish regular communication. The manager needs to regularly make phone calls and video conferences with their remote team members to hear them out. Always try to talk with your remote team at least in a day and understand their work progress and provide them with your assistant. Today numerous technology-based communication channels are available for managers such as Skype, Go to office, WhatsApp, hangout etc.

  1. Set a daily target for your team.

It doesn’t matter whether your team is remote or local, always remind them that you are the boss and you set the rules. So, assign daily goals to your remote team and timely check upon them for their daily progress. And make sure that your team delivers the work timely, so for that assign them to work with a designated time limit and demand work to complete in that given time frame.

  1. Use different tools to check working time.

Well, it seems difficult to check on your remote team members whether they are working or not and also to estimate how many hours they have worked in a day. But, not anymore as numerous cool apps are available to check working hours of employees, like, Mobile apps such as Trello or Asana and Desktop apps such as Time Doctor to track the work done by your remote team members.

  1. Motivate your team and make them feel belonged.

Mostly remote employees don’t feel that they belong to an organization and that results in deterioration in their performance. So, being team head it is your responsibility to make your team felt belonged and you need to involve them in daily activities also.

  1. Understand your remote team culture.

It will give more thrust to your business if you make efforts to learn the cultural activities of your remote team members.  Like, give them holidays on their respective festivals.  


With the trend of multi-nation expansion of businesses, learning remote team management is very important for new managers. So, get in touch with remote team management and expand your business globally.

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