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Start your journey with Google Maps

Well, nowadays we all have one trustworthy and always correct travel buddy called Google Maps with us. This tool of Google has replaced old navigation methods with a new 3D view. And, has eased out the way of travel. Now, by entering any destination in Google Maps app you can get an authentic route to any location. That’s why this app is very popular and can be found on every smart device.

But, guys Google Maps has loads of other features also lined up for you apart from searching locations.  Some of these features are not even known by us. So, today we will check out few unknown dynamic features of Google Maps that can ease out your travel.

~ Gesture Control

We all are aware of the double tap feature of the app to zoom in and zoom out. But, this is a very dangerous and difficult to double tap while driving. In that case, you can double tap on the map with one finger and without lifting your finger, drag down to zoom out. Similarly, for a zoom in, double tap and drag the finger up. That’s super easy to find out any location while driving.

~ Add Stops on your route

If you are planning one long road trip, then adding stops to your route will help you a lot. By adding stops on your route you can get exact time duration and the idea of your travel destination. You can add up to 10 stops in one route, but you can easily replace stops any time or remove them.

~ Personal Traffic guide

By entering the arrival and departure time you can get rough updates on the traffic. The app will provide you the condition of traffic at your departure route at the particular time. The traffic report might not be 100% accurate, but it is sufficient enough to provide you a rough idea of traffic.

~ Share your current location

Now, you can share your location details with your contacts very easily. Simply, click on the blue dot icon and with the help of network details of your location will be shared with your selected contact.

~ Transit Schedule & Information

Google Maps allows us to view transit information of your searched route also. It provides the information about nearby train stations and bus stations. It also provides different methods to reach your destination by car, bus, train or on your feet.

~ Offline Maps

It is difficult to get stable internet connection while traveling, so how to get maps then? Simply download the map of your route prior and after that, you can view your map offline without any problem.

~ Share Location

Gone was the time when you have to ask passing by a stranger for location. You can simply call your friend and with the aid of Google maps share location to feature your friend can send you detail route to the location. This features even works if you don’t have the app installed.

~ Locate the nearest washroom

This feature is available only in the NCR region of India presently, as part of the Swachh Bharat campaign. This feature has been made in collaboration with the Ministry of Urban Development to ease the pain of locating a clean public washroom.

Well, these are just a few amazing features of Google maps. To know more features of app keep on exploring the Google maps app as every button there has a special thing to offer.

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