Markdown syntax cheat sheet


This is a cheat sheet video for markdown syntax files. You might have seen these files as or files on GitHub or flutter libraries. These files are super easy to create and provides a full walkthrough to your application/library/framework.
In this video, we are going to learn about these markdown files as quickly as possible.

Here is the code mentioned in the video


Normal Text

# heading 1

## Heading 2



~~10000~~ **999**


[Visit website]( "LCO")


![LCO Mascot]( "LCO")

Use `for` loop


var name = "hitesh";




| Table | Goes | Here  |

| ----- | ---- | ----- |

| one   | Two  | Three |

> Keep smiliing and work harder


1. List one

1. List Two

1. List three

   4.List four

- List four


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