Marketing Strategies for the Android Game Developers


Developers Are Not Marketing Experts

Well, this is the harshest reality that a developer is not a marketing expert. You may be a technical geek or competent enough to create a cool Android game, but how will you convey the great features of your game to the users. For this, you need a full-fledged marketing plan to sell your game on Google Play Store or any other app store.

But, again you are a developer, not a marketing expert. And, to be honest for aspiring game developers it isn’t feasible to hire the professional marketing team. So, in that case, you have only one option left that to be your own marketing boss.

Now, don’t get wired up as we will share some productive game marketing techniques with you all to sell your game. Some of these techniques are used by LearnCodeOnline in promoting their two new games, Save The Smiley and Ninja Mission. So, you should definitely use these tips to be your own marketing boss.

  1. Get the help of Facebook ads

facebook adsToday range of Facebook and it’s users number is quite phenomenal. So, by using the paid Facebook ads feature, you can get the attention of numerous potential users. Facebook offers paid ad option for both Android and iOS apps. So, according to age, preference, and taste of Facebook users, you can target them.¬†Moreover, if you have e-mail listing, then results will be multiplied. So, spending few bucks in Facebook ad manager can generate you plenty of downloads for your game.

  1. The game should be well designed

designWell, this one is a common marketing strategy, but it is highly important. The game should be fully optimized and well designed, before submitting to the app store. Because if the game is incomplete or has a poor user interface, then it won’t get the desired rating from the users.

And, initial rating of the game or app always counts the ranking of it on the Google play store. That’s why never compromise with the quality and interface of your game.

  1. Use Multiple Stores

storesDon’t be focused on only one app store, try to upload your game to different app stores. Apart from Google Play Store and iOS App Store numerous other app stores are also available. Like, Amazon app store or Windows app store, target multiple app stores to get better results.

  1. Promote over social media

social mediaUse all the different social media platforms to promote your game. Like, YouTube is a very popular social media platform where you can advertise your game. Or you can collaborate with any popular YouTuber and ask them to make a promotional video about your game. Apart from YouTube plenty of other social media platforms are perfect for promotion, such as  Stumble upon, Reddit, etc.

  1. Make a premium game

premium gameSo, instead of offering a paid version of your game, design one lite version of your game and offer to the users. The free games get the user base and then it will tend the user in buying add-ons or the full version if he likes it.

  1. Good reviews

Now, that’s understandable that good reviews from the customers will definitely enhance the ranking and download rate of your game. So, pay attention towards your games reviews.

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