Instant Messaging will change the Game for Businesses; Microsoft Kaizala


Quick, uncomplicated and swipe away are few synonyms of instant messaging service. However, if you are still using it for ideally chit-chat, then this is changing because it’s now one of the fastest media for business communications. There are numerous steps are taken in the direction of using the power of messaging in the business world like Microsoft Kaizala  

Microsoft Kaizala

Microsoft Kaizala is particularly designed for Microsoft’s frequently cites frontline that is task workers. These instance employees group generally don’t have a dedicated PC workstation and that’s why it’s excluded from the communication. They are relying upon the pens and paper to send instant messaging to the customers. Microsoft Kaizala is designed to slip into this niche so that entire work can be connected with the chat based communication platform.

Unlike other instant messaging app users, Kaizala offers features in the sectors of security, compliance and data security. There are plenty of different security issues are focused on this app, but it mainly includes the achievement of Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). It also casters the guidelines for the Office Trustworthy Computing (OTwC). Moreover, Kaizala is designed around Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure technologies which makes it useful for Office 365 Compliance Framework.

Microsoft Kaizala is only available on smartphones and can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store respective. It is managed by Office 365 Kaizala admin portal.

Features of Microsoft Kaizala

Just like popular messaging apps WeChat or WhatsApp, it offers instant messaging services. It even offers group chat feature for teams, departments or for the entire organization. However, voice and video telephonic communications are not available. Microsoft Kaizala is available in free Basic version and a paid premium version.

Basic Features

– 1:1 and hierarchical group chat features for the Kazaa users.
– Media files and important business documents can be easily shared with it.
– It can integrate actions for instance for polling, surveys, announcements etc.
– It even gives offline support.

Premium Features

– It offers the group management organization.
– It even has a user management feature which helps in removing users from a group and deleting the whole data group from the device.
– The premium feature has public groups.
– Publication of user-defined actions.
– It can extend reports and business analysis.
– Kaizala APIs use automation and system integration.

Microsoft Kaizala Actions

Kaizala actions are sort of mini-apps that enables users to complete their task during the chat. This task maybe varies from surveys to polls, numerous actions are pre-installed in it. Moreover, Kaizala Connectors allow developers to integrate third-party applications using REST-based APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Work Structure of Kaizala Group

Flat groups.

Flat groups are the standard Kaizala groups that enable simple communication between users. New members can be added to the group with the smartphone numbers. Only smartphone owners can use it.

Hierarchical groups.

Companies generally don’t have flat hierarchical groups in the organizations. So, that case hierarchical groups are very useful which are structured predominantly to share information with the whole group within the organizational framework of surveys.

Public groups.

These groups are created to interact with a large number of people. Unlike 1:1 conversation, in the group members, are sealed off from each other and are unable to communicate within the group. These kinds of groups are good to interact with the c, suppliers or external service providers.

Microsoft Kaizala is good to chat solution for the business as it is secured and controlled. It protects user privacy and store data in secure Azure data centers.

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