Mistakes That AngularJS Developers Should Avoid At Any Cost


AngularJS is an interesting and powerful tool which is used to manage data display. It is a very popular JavaScript framework available in the market. AngularJS is an elucidate web development process that makes it perfect for creating smaller applications. Moreover, this is used to create Single Page Application that can offer sophisticated User Experience. It can generate scalable applications used on multiple devices.

With the presence of multiple features, AngularJS is a pitfall for the developers. So, developers if you want to get proper benefit from this lucrative framework, you have to avoid some of the common mistakes. Today, the web development process can be eased out if you avoid following mistakes.

Mistakes That AngularJS Developers Should Avoid

#1. Utilize Available Tools Properly

Numerous AngularJS developers don’t know how to utilize all the available tools. This is a bit scary and frustrated situation as it became important to use all the tools of AngularJS to reap the benefits from this framework. For example, Firefox and Chrome browsers include a development string that can handle debugging, error output and profiling. With the help of these tools, developers can easily develop a browser and can find the errors quickly.

#2. MVC Directory Framework

The models are not properly defined as a framework such as backbone.js. So, when you are working on an MVC framework, then a common practice is to combine files together as ;
















It is an expected layout, especially when processing from Rails background. Once the application began to scale, then the layout cause numerous folders to open. Whether you use Visual Studio, Sublime or Vim with the Nerd Tree, a lot of time is wasted on scrolling through the directory tree.

#3. Event Handler

AngularJS is used to carry data that is needed to display the page to the users. It is extensible which allows various custom functions to be written that is based upon the populated content. It is very useful for the developers and its code look like;

$scope.onButtonClick = function() {

               // do something based upon data in the template



It is perfect, especially when it comes to adding functionality based on data. However, this surpassed one of the biggest principles of AngularJS that is to keep your display and logic as segregated as possible.

#4. Modules

Well, this is obvious that when we start everything to hang off to the main module, then everything works great if the application is small. But, when the size of the application becomes outrageous, then this is not too great.


var app = angular.module(‘app’,[]);

app.service(‘MyService’, function(){

   //service code


app.controller(‘MyCtrl’, function($scope, MyService){

   //controller code


The main step after this is to combine types of objects;


var services = angular.module(‘services’,[]);

services.service(‘MyService’, function(){

   //service code


var controllers = angular.module(‘controllers’,[‘services’]);

controllers.controller(‘MyCtrl’, function($scope, MyService){

   //controller code


var app = angular.module(‘app’,[‘controllers’, ‘services’]);


If you follow the same method of grouping, then the all features will together enable scalability.

var sharedServicesModule = angular.module(‘sharedServices’,[]);

sharedServices.service(‘NetworkService’, function($http){});

var loginModule = angular.module(‘login’,[‘sharedServices’]);

loginModule.service(‘loginService’, function(NetworkService){});

loginModule.controller(‘loginCtrl’, function($scope, loginService){});

var app = angular.module(‘app’, [‘sharedServices’, ‘login’]);

So, when you are working on heavy applications, then everything might not work out on a single page. That’s why it’s easy to use all the modules across the apps again and again.

So, developers if you want to fully utilize the effective and stunning features of JavaScript frameworks, then you need to avoid all the above-mentioned mistakes. Well, AngularJS is a great web application with amazing features with the active community. But still, avoid few mistakes and save yourself from falling into the pitfall.

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