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In the ever-growing popularity of open source operating system Linux, it’s amazing free apps plays a vital role. There are numerous reasons present that motivate you to use Linux, but the major reason would be the features loaded and almost free apps of the Linux distributions.

Linux app market has catered the needs of all their users and launched plenty of functional apps according to the user’s preference. Today every Linux user has its own long list of the favorite apps. So, if you haven’t yet tried cool Linux apps. Then, we have few suggestions for you and readers don’t ignore these Linux apps as they are one of their own kind.

Eclipse –

If you are a programmer, then this integrated development environment is perfect for you. Eclipse works on both OS X and Windows, which makes it highly feasible for the developers. Moreover, developers can customize it according to their skills and knowledge, thanks to Java. The app supports all the latest programming languages such as Python, C++, Ruby, Scala, and Clojure.

Brackets –

This is a very simple and a light weighted text editor app designed mainly for HTML and CSS scripting. The app got all the features that are essential for the web text editor. Mainly, the live preview feature of the app is very nice and helpful for the developers to the great extent. Apart from this Brackets has numerous other features, like automatic indentation, code folding, themes and countless plugins.

Pidgin –

Pidgin is all time favorite messaging app, this app works both directly on your Linux PC and via third-party sources also. The app works via different chat portals also, like Gtalk, IRC, Yahoo, ICQ, XMPP, and Facebook. Messaging app has few interesting features also including custom emoticons, different types of notifications, and buddy grouping and filtering.

Telegram –

This is a relatively new app but has the great advantage of working across platforms. It can operate on iOS, Android and Windows platforms. The security of Telegram is very advance and all the messages are encrypted from end to end. So, privacy and cross-platform features of Telegram app make it highly popular in the short duration of time.  

Firefox –

Firefox is the default Linux web browser, so it’s highly recommended. The app comes with plenty of cool extensions that user can change according to their needs. Moreover, most of the users are already familiar with the Firefox, so it is easy to operate the app.

Tor –

The security of your system is the very crucial point, so for that, you required strong security system. And, Tor is that perfect security tool. It can provide you browser and communication tools that block trackers and enable anonymized surfing.

Krita –

Krita is an ultimate tool for the digital graphic designers and illustrators. It provides amazing tools that can customize your workflow and keeps you focused on your work. One can design patterns and textures, modify and import brushes, apply filters and effects, manage layers, and achieve perfect symmetry with in-built drawing aids.

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