Why to not choose pirated or nulled WordPress themes?


Overview of WordPress themes:

WordPress is a very special platform to the self-hosted site and the dynamic WordPress themes make it even more special. So, it is very important to select one amazing theme for your WordPress site, that helps you to enhance the outlook of your site. But, from the hub of numerous cool themes, it is very crucial to select the perfect theme. And it becomes more difficult as the variety of pirated themes are also present in the market. Pirated themes are simply the copy of premium themes and these pirated themes may look good at once, but side effects of pirated WordPress themes are huge.

In the world where a duplicate version of anything can be easily found then the original one, that’s why numerous folks are going for pirated WordPress themes. These themes are highly dangerous for the performance of your website and can cause some serious damage to your WordPress website, wondering how? Then look down for the satisfactory answer.

Why say the big no to Nulled WordPress themes?

  1. Nulled WordPress themes are security threats.

    Well, every web developer wants to be secured and save the environment for their prestigious website, but with the pirated WordPress themes this is not possible. As pirated WordPress themes are very often compromised, either harnessing your site for spam or adding malicious code which offers a “backdoor” for hackers. With these themes, you never know what are you getting into and chances of your website getting hacked are pretty high.

  2. Pirated WordPress themes are bad news for SEO.

    As I have already mentioned that pirated WordPress themes carry spam links with them. These spam links can affect the SEO of your website and search engine ranking of your site suffers a great time from it. These spam links will appear on site and create cluster environment, this might impact the readability of your website and readers find it highly annoying.

  3. You won’t get any help.

    If anything goes wrong while working on a WordPress theme and you got stuck somewhere, this pirated WordPress theme won’t help you at all. But if you had bought the premium themes, then you will get full help at any point and you can even contact the theme creator anytime for help.

  4. You don’t get to update WordPress.

    This is proven that to keep the WordPress site active and secure, regular updates are frequently required. But pirated WordPress themes don’t allow you to do that. “A report by the UK Government (2015) found 74% of small and medium-sized businesses had suffered a security breach with the average cost of the worst breach at £75,000-£310,000.” So, the stats prove the significant reason here about the updating WordPress themes.  

  5. Privacy is illegal.

    Well, the major and common reason for not using nulled WordPress themes would be that they are illegal to use. In every corner of the world, piracy is illegal and there are strict rules against piracy.


Well, I hope after reading the flaws of pirated WordPress themes you are now aware of their disasters.  So, premium WordPress themes are not much expensive as compared to the pirated WordPress themes, so only go for premium WordPress themes for better results.

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