One Stroke Method to Restart Your Hung up Non-Removable Battery Smartphone


Let’s Retrieve your Freeze Smartphone

Well, guys, remember that time when a solution of your every phone problem use to be one. It doesn’t matter what was the matter, our every solution is to remove the battery of phone and reinsert it. But, trust me 10 out of 9 times this trick always worked. Removing battery was considered as a sure short trick to re-energize any hung up phone.

But, with the invention of smartphones, the removable battery is placed with the nonremovable battery. And, that became the biggest problem for technical geniuses who used to repair phones by removing the battery. So, now what pay a hundred bucks to the shop guy for a simple hung up the phone. Well, now that would be totally absurd.

Well, fellas if your old removing battery trick won’t work, then let’s replace it with a new trick. As guys smartphones are full of hidden tricks and features that no one knows. So, from the hidden booklet of smartphones, we discovered the trick to restart hung up phone that without removing the battery.

#Android Folks Can Use This Trick

Okay, so if you are a proud owner of an Android-based smartphone and your phone has gone into a partial coma due to some unknown reason. Then we got a one stroke solution for you. Well, the first instinct of every person is to shut down the phone from the lock button and restart it. But, sometimes this trick fails and then you need to opt this last resort trick that we figured out for you.  

The hidden trick is to press Volume Down (-) Button and Lock Button together for few seconds. At least hold both buttons together for 10 seconds. After that, your freeze phone will reboot and restart with the fresh power. In some smartphones instead of Volume Down Button, you can use the Volume Up Button with the Lock Button. This trick is a modern version of battery removing trick that can be used in nonremovable battery phones.

#Solution For The iOS Devices

Well, if you have devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Then trick to reboot your phone is little different for you then Android users. Instead of using Volume Down or Up button you need to use the home button to restart your phone along with the lock button. And, by this simple trick half eaten apple will appear on your Apple device screen indicating that your system has been restarted. How easy is that now, guys!

So, you see we don’t need the help of experts in every small matter especially to fix the frozen phone. As phone hangs up numerous times due to overheating or overutilization. And, with the simple trick, you can fix this easily. There are plenty of smartphone short tricks are available, such as taking a screenshot, booting into Recovery mode, Download mode, Fast Boot mode etc. Well, as I have already earlier said that your smartphone has lots of hidden tricks that we will share with you from time to time. So, stay tuned to us!

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