The Most Optimal Way to Optimize Your Code


What is Code Optimization?

If you look for word “optimization” meaning in the dictionary, then you will find word “performance” in bold letters. So, optimization means getting optimum performance in any field of operation. And specifically, here it means achieving high performance in program coding. It is no secret, that coding of the program is a vital task and working of the program depends upon its coding. So, it is always consort of program developers to find perfect method to optimize coding for better output.

Before finding out the best way to optimize code, first thing is to understand, what actually does code optimization means. According to the technical definition, code optimization is writing or rewriting the code so a program uses the least possible memory or disk space, minimizes its CPU time or network bandwidth, or makes the best use of additional cores. If we go more in layman way, then code optimization means writing codes less and simple manner.

Well, every programming developer wants to create one badass coding for their program, but while comprehending your code, might bite you in your own ass. So, for someone like smart, you code optimization is very crucial to avoid any hassle situation. Well, for that program developers need to follow few instructions to keep performance high.

Habits to be adopted by Programmer to Optimize Coding!

Okay, to your coding dynamic and get better results from the coding, programmers need to develop few changes in their normal habits. Few changes might be as listed below:

  1. Security

    Well, firstly developers need to check the security of their coding before going further to the next step of code.

  2. Runtime stability

    The stability of the runtime should be also examined before going any further.

  3. Clarity and style

    The coding should be clear and must be in your unique style, and when I say never copy somebody’s style, I mean it the hard way.

  4. Coding efficiency
    Now that doesn’t rule, but a necessity that coding should be effective.
  5. Test effectiveness

    To check the effectiveness of coding, you can take a test for that.

  6. Profiling

    Profiling is next thought to considered by programmers.

  7. Your toolkit/DE.
  8. DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself)

    Never repeat your own coding and the whole coding should be different in any way.

Approach to Optimize coding.

Well, every coding experts have their own rules and definition about coding, but we are going to briefly look at Jackson’s famous code optimization rules:

  1. Don’t do it

    This rule means don’t do it anything until it is perfect. Never settle for anything less than perfect.

  2.  Don’t do it yet

    This rule is for the expert programmers to remind that they are unique and it will be a crime for them to repeat any previous coding.


Performance optimization is very important. Moreover, it doesn’t have any bad side effects, so there isn’t harm in adopting the science of optimization and improve the performance of your coding. Well, programmers adopt above-mentioned habits and improve your performance to the optimum level of perfection.

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