Optimum Methodology behind selecting the Best Front-end Framework


Methods to enhance the power of JavaScript:

Well, you all developers and new blocks who are learning tweaks of programming languages, will definitely agree with me that the JavaScript is an awesome language and no one beat it. JavaScript has plenty of frameworks and features, from which programmers can create something interesting. But, having too many features also creates hefty confusion for the programmers as they have to select one perfect Best Front-end Framework from the long list of really cool frameworks. So, to help out you guys, we have done little research and generated five core rules of selecting the Best Front-end Framework.

5 keys to unlock the Best Front-end Framework for your project.

Key 1. Easy availability of Documentation.

Okay, well it doesn’t matter how eye catchy and stunning framework is, in the end, the success of framework depends upon the availability of learning material. As besides the boring bookish knowledge, one needs interesting video tutorials and articles to understand the depth of framework before implementing them. Like, EmberJS has very nice documentation. In which core features and use cases are nicely described with generic examples here and there. Unfortunately, besides the documentation, we are left with few resources books, video courses, or other materials. So, select the framework for which nice learning resources are available.

Key 2. Choose popular framework.

Yep, always work on the popular framework and in haste of creating something different never go for some unknown framework. ¬†As your clients always want to work on something certified and tested, so that if you left the project in the end, then they don’t have to face any problem in hiring a new developer. Moreover, the popular framework is well tested and their tools are briefly explained. The search of popular framework always leads you to the Angular and React.

Key 3. Preview core features of the framework.

Before selecting the framework, get yourself familiar with all core features of the framework. Read all the relevant documentation related to the framework and check its compatibility with your project. Mainly check, templating, state management, HTTP communication, form processing and validation, and routing features of the framework.

Key 4. Use your selected framework.

Practice makes a man perfect, and only after practically using the framework you can better understand the features of any framework. So, that’s why test framework first on any mini project to better understand the framework. A Little practice will help you to make better judgment and get familiar with the features of the framework.

Key 5. The framework should be easily integrated.

This seems the very small point, but it has great significance. It doesn’t matter how feature rich your selected framework is, chances are you will face problems where additional tools are necessary. There are numerous libraries available out there focusing on one particular problem, be it DOM manipulation, data processing, time formatting, rich text editing, etc. If you try to integrate one of those and spend hours on it every time, maybe that’s not the optimal choice. So, testing of the framework is really essential to select perfect framework.

Final verdict:

Well, that would be five keys to unlock the best front-end frameworks for your project, so follow these core rules and enjoy optimum features of numerous JavaScript frameworks.

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