Overview Of React Native’s Accessibility To Create iOS & Android Apps


Why is React Native creating so hype?

Well, in the technology sector daily numerous inventions took place, but only a few technologies become popular and gain a positive response. And, React Native is one of those emerging dynamic inventions. The React Native is in its very initial stage, but still, the fan base of the technology is very large. Where everyone was cryptical about the react native approach of Facebook in the beginning, but now every leading app developers are shifting towards it.

But, why? According to the experts, React Native is,“A JavaScript library for building user interfaces”. Well, if we look back then to develop web apps we only have two options HTML or JavaScript. But, with the react native totally different approach has been used. Like, JavaScript code, CSS-like stylesheets, and all-too-familiar, HTML-like tags for layout.

Having all the good features of different programming languages in one technology makes the React Native so popular. But, still, if this brief description of React Native won’t compile you to enroll for LearnCodeOnline video based React Native course. Then, check out few highlights of React Native technology.

#Code Sharing

Well, the masterstroke of react native is the code sharing between the iOS and Android devices.  The app created with the react native can be used on both the different ora. This saves lots of cost and time for the app developers. And, that’s not it the as competent team of react native is busy in creating an environment where web apps codebase can also be shared. Now, isn’t this the perfect reason to learn React Native.

#Learning is Play

Yep, the next strength of the react native is the easy learning approach. In the react native readability is very transparent and even the non-programmer can learn it easily. It’s not like other languages where you have to learn lengthy codes and features list, moreover, half of the features are not applicable in other languages. Thus this easy learning method makes the React Native user-friendly language.

#Self Efficient Ecosystem

Okay, as the most of react native codes are written in the JavaScript framework, thus it offers us the self-efficient environment. It means you don’t have to wait up for your app developer to manipulate array functions to activate. You can simply use lodash and for manipulating or displaying dates and times, just use Moment.js.

#Happy Developers

The react native is the key to happy app developers. As the half burden of the developer is taken by the react native. With the react native you don’t have to wait up for the code to compile and restart your system after every single edit. Because react native doesn’t require restarting of a system and that makes a developer truly happy.

#Live Updates

As an app developer, you must be familiar with the trouble of getting the iOS App store approval for your app. But, with React Native it is possible to do live updates to your app without going through the App Store, just like a web app.

So, guys, I hope these benefits of React Native are able to compel you to register for React Native Online Course.

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