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Well, more than 85% of side scripting web servers are today using PHP at the backend. That’s probably because it’s the easiest and useful web programming language available. PHP has been serving for the past two decades now and been supported by almost all the web hosts out there.

So, if you are a developer and looking forward to using the PHP in your project. Then, you will be amazed to see the wide range of PHP frameworks and libraries present. Here, we have enlisted some of the most used and easiest PHP frameworks and libraries that every aspiring or experienced web developer should know.

Top PHP Frameworks & Libraries

#1. Symfony

This one is the most popular web framework for the PHP right now. It is the tool which can be used to create the quickest and the finest web applications. This tool develops on the base of the MVC model of software development, that’s why it’s easier to add new features and maintain the codes with this tool. Overall, this tool can be used to create dynamic customized web applications.

#2. Laravel

This one is relatively a new framework as compared to the Symfony, but it has gained a tremendous fan following in the short duration of time due to its elegant design. The best features of the framework are that it’s very lightweight and fast. Laravel makes your web development experience much easier and cleaner. It has an array of expressive and easy syntax, so in it, you won’t have to tackle with the long and complicated codes.

#3. Codeignitor

This framework has been present for some time now. This tool doesn’t offer you swift and easygoing environment as the Laravel or Symfony, it’s just a simple framework which can help you in creating lightweight and medium scale web applications. However, working with the Codeignitor is a quite neat experience as it has nice documentation. Moreover, the APIs and functions can be easily implemented on this framework.

#4. CakePHP

It has been used by numerous established enterprises to manage they’re internal as well as consumer web-facing applications. This is one of the primary frameworks of the PHP language. However, it not mandatory to use this framework, but if you are going to develop the lots of client base, then it’s important for you to get familiar with this framework.

#5. FuelPHP

If your web application is based on the higher I/O model, then you need to get the help of the router based PHP framework. This framework is slightly different from the rest of the PHP frameworks, but this is still based on the MVC model. If you have already used any other PHP framework, then understanding this framework won’t be difficult for you. But, this will enhance your network oriented application far better than any other frameworks.

#6. PHP Mailer

If you recently started the consumer-facing application, then you might know that how difficult it is to handle mail without investing in the third party email services. PHP mailer is a simple email library that makes it easier for you to send, receive and manage emails from any email account.

#7. ReCaptcha

If you have to prove websites that you are not a robot or not your visitors, then implementing the ReCaptcha framework is good for you. This one is the simple and most effective way to get the captcha authentication library at the same time. And, the most important feature of this application is that it is developed by Google and available for free to use.

Well, developers if you are not using any of the above-mentioned PHP frameworks, then you are probably wasting your time in creating inefficient applications. These tools will help you in covering all the weaknesses of PHP. So, go and install the desirable PHP framework today!

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