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Okay, so in the next installment of our interesting WordPress plugins based articles, today we will discuss the WordPress plugins that helps in customizing the dashboard. The dashboard or admin area of the WordPress belongs to the user where he can perform numerous activities.

WordPress dashboard is like your office desk where all the work is done by you. As you like to organize your work desk according to your requirements similarly your WordPress dashboard can be easily sorted out as per your convenience. And, for customizing the dashboard area and for inserting features in it, you need the help of cool personalized WordPress Admin.

So, here we have a list of the few WordPress plugins that can customize your dashboard area;

#1. Custom Dashboard Widget & Dashboard Contact Form

Well, when you handover website to the client, then adding little information about the contact is a very good idea. The Custom Dashboard Widget & Dashboard Contact Form enables users to add touch to their contact information. Add content to the custom widget using WYSIWYG editor and then enter contact information. And, from there you can insert contact form to your homepage.

#2. Adminimize

This plugin called Adminimize is something which we can recommend again and again. As it is very easy and helps a lot in cleaning the mess created by WordPress dashboard menu. You can simply sort out dashboard with this plugin or can even add some features if you want. This is very helpful when you are working with multiple authors. It is very beneficial from the security point of view also.

#3. Admin Tweaks

This plugin is for the people who want the easy way out. Admin Tweaks can single-handedly resolve a number of dashboard areas. You can hide/remove/change items listed in the admin bar, menu, user profile, login screen and general WordPress settings. Just like the name this plugin can tweak everything for you.

#4. Admin Columns

Admin Columns is a commercial plugin which can sort columnar data for you. One can create more than 160 different types of columns with it. Like, you can create a separate column for images on the webpage. Moreover, you can sort and filter content from the columns with the plugin. So, if you want to sort data in the columnar form, then this is your plugin.

#5. Simple History

Well, from the technical purpose this plugin doesn’t offer much to your WordPress dashboard. Simple History just adds one widget to your WordPress dashboard from where you can easily check which user has added the new post or media file. Thus for multiple user WordPress sites, this plugin surely comes handy.

#6. Admin Menu Editor Pro

Admin Menu Editor Pro is totally designed for the people who like to customize things. Like, you can hide or show features from the users by this plugin also. Instance, you can create your own list and custom menu can be linked to any external or internal links. The plugin also enables you to move a single item to different subhead. And, all this is available for totally free.

Well, that would be a wrap for Customize WordPress Plugins, but stay tuned for more useful WordPress plugins.

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