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The marketing is a very tiresome and never-ending job. A marketer can’t afford to take a break for a moment as the market trends are always fluctuating. That’s why market analyst can’t shift their focus for a nanosecond. The market is always subject to drastic changes and trends in the market are very hard to predict.


So, for a young entrepreneur, it is a very crucial task to establish the new business in these fluctuating marketing trends. It requires lots of time and constant attention on changing trends to be top in your game. But, you are only human and can only do such tasks. That’s why you need a little assistant to stay up-to-date about the changing market trends.

And, here these amazing podcasts can help you. As these podcasts are always buzzing with the latest market ups and downs. For a new business owner following mentioned podcasts can be very beneficial and can open dynamic opportunities. So, let’s check out top trending marketing podcasts that can provide you all the latest happening of the market.

#Marketing Over Coffee

This amazing conversational marketing podcast is hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn. The duo discusses latest marketing fashion in a very friendly tone that engages listeners more into the topic. They try to share whole market trends in simple terminology so that an amateur take benefit from it. Marketing Over Coffee is a weekly podcast with all the summary of the market in nutshell.

#Call to Action

Call to Action is a very inspiration and motivating podcast. Where stories of marketing analysts are shared in very inspiring manner. The podcast also shares marketing tools and tips that can help you. They also provide information on how to improve your conversions, PPC, content, social media, and more. Moreover, the expert analysis helps you in many different ways in your daily work.

#Social Pros Podcast

If you are looking for help to improve your social media strategy, then immediately subscriber to Social Pros Podcast. As the experts, Jay Baer and Adam Brown, along with other social media experts talk about all the latest social media trends. They answer questions of the listeners and their little rapid fire round is very helpful. So, for any social media query visit this podcast.

#Duct Tape Marketing

This podcast is all about business improvement in prevailing market conditions. The Duct Tape Marketing podcast offers tips, tricks, and experts opinion on different market situations. The host John Jantsch always try to cover all the trending topics and always offers the full review of the topic. So, you can take a number of tips from this podcast.

#Marketing School

For quick and short marketing tips you can use Marketing School. This daily podcast focuses on quick information and their podcasts are maximum 10 minutes long. The hosts Neil Patel and Eric Siu, respect your time. So, they always share short but helpful podcasts. The information is also presented in an easy to understand format, which makes it easy to listen to whenever you’re on the go or have some downtime.

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