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Bugs Bit Everyone

It is a hard truth that every software or app have bugs in them. It doesn’t matter how much care and attention you put in designing your software, bugs are something which you can’t surpass. You can see the live example of this situation in the fact that Facebook updates their app after every two weeks to remove bugs. Imagine, a company like Facebook with a tremendous task force of software experts can’t fix all their bugs at once.

Well, if you are thinking that these bugs come from outside, then your wrong. Our small mistakes while writing the software results in the bugs. Sometimes these bugs are small which don’t affect the program much and can be easily fixed.  However, sometimes they are very drastic and annoying that they result in the loss of huge money and even human life.

Yep, we are not fabricating the fact, some bugs are really very dangerous and destroy your life as a developer. That’s why in this article we are going to cover the most dangerous bugs in the computer world which you have to ignore at any cost.

Top 5 Dangerous Bugs of Computer World

#1. Ariane 5 Crash

Ariane 5 was a rocket which was designed by the scientists to launch spacecraft. However, the fate of this spacecraft exploded only after 40 seconds of its launch. The spacecraft crashes because of a very common bug called Integer Overflow. This bug occurs when someone tries to store a number greater than the maximum number that can be stored in a memory. This small and common bug has caused the loss of $370 million.

#2. Y2K Bug

In the 1960s, computer engineers used 2 digits to represent years. Like, 1970 would be represented as 70 only. They used this system to reduce the size of data stored in the computer system. This method works totally fine till 31 December 1999. But on 1st of January, 2000 many computers would have read the year as 1900. This very simple bug has given a huge headache to the engineers and they have to lots of extra work to resolve this bug.

#3. PayPal Error

Oh, now how can we forget the big PayPal error which made Chris Reynolds from Pennsylvania the richest man in the world. PayPal by mistake credited the $92 quadrillion in his account and made him rich in a fortnight. This error was good for this guy, but it cost big time to the PayPal and affected their reputation badly.

#4. Patriot Missile Software Failure

28 American soldiers were killed and 98 were injured when an Iraqi missile hit their barracks. The Patriot missile system fails to track and intercept the incoming missile from Iraq because of the bug in patriots radar and tracking software. This small issue has taken the lives of so many innocent American soldiers. So, indeed bugs can take human lives.

#5. Gangnam Style broke YouTube

Earlier, 32 bit signed integer system was used in YouTube to store the videos view count. Before the Gangnam style video, nobody has thought a video could get more than maximum 32 bit signed integer. But, this video got views more than this limit which results the view count started showing some negative value. But, Google has fixed this bug by changing view count to 64 bit signed integer.

So, developers if you don’t want to become history like these above-mentioned cases. Then, beware of the computer science bugs.

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