Positive Influence of Ad Blockers on your Business


Ad Blockers Aren’t Problem

In 2015, the Ad Blocking software gained the interest of 200 million users and by the fall of 2017, the number of users has doubled. Well, that’s understandable as no one like to get interrupted while watching their favorite YouTube videos. Thus numerous users are seeking the help of Adblocker to get uninterrupted social media experience.

Well, it is a good for the customers, but this ad blocker software has somehow created the situation of panic among digital business owners. As their initial income depends upon these ads and number of clicks they get. So, this has caused sleepless nights to the digital marketers. That’s why in this post, we will reduce the stress of e-marketers by sharing positive impacts of ad blockers on their business.

Because, guys, ad blockers let you get out of your comfort zone and start dishing out creative ideas. As generating income via nonsense ads is now old school method. It’s 2018, and it’s the perfect time to be little creative. And, Ad Blockers are the stimulators of your that dead creativity.

People Are Melodramatically Fed up with Ads

Yep, people are totally fed up and annoyed by seeing meaningless ads on daily basis. In 2007, the New York Times reported on a study by Yankelovich which found that the average city-dweller sees about 5000 ads per day. Oh, yeah as newspapers, TV shows and the internet are packed with commercials. Well, that’s the source of income for them, but people are really tired of them.

And, imagine in this overcrowded commercials land, you offering incredibly ads free environment to the customers. Then, won’t you automatically became the first preference of users. I know you must be wondering, then how will you put food on your table. Then, here you need to kick in your creativity and starts making Money using alternative methods.

Alternative Methods to Generate Income

Okay, every change brings us few challenges with it, and it depends on us whether we fight the challenges or cry over them. So, if you believe in option one, then you have numerous other options available for you. As ad blocker has affected your ad revenue, then find some other ways to monetize your business.

Let’s take an example of Forbes, to fight the demon of ad blocker, they made a plan. Forbes only allows those people to use ad blocker who has added Forbes to their whitelist. Well, this isn’t any long-term solution, but at least they are being creative and brainstorming for new methods. So, we should give them credit for their innovative thinking.

Adapting The Change

You see guys once you adopt this change, then you might realize that digital advertising isn’t the only way to generate income. As more effective and better way to generate digital income are available. Like, speaking engagements, venture capital, search engine optimization, and a lot more.

So, guys, ad blockers haven’t affected your business much. But, it rather has encouraged us to leave an easy method of ads and start finding new innovative ways. That’s why we can say that ad blockers are good as they triggered innovation and creativity.

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