Power of Repurposing your Content


What does Repurposing Content mean?

Well, guys, don’t search dictionary now, as Repurposing Content isn’t any difficult term. It simply means that redrafting your old blog posts in a new way to get more traffic. Repurposing content is very economical and time-saving. As you can save time by re-adjusting your old content and can even generate some new traffic to your website.

The Repurposing content saves your lots of time of searching new topics and finding relevant information on the topic. The little adjustment in content can even boost SEO of your website. So, redrafting your old content is a very good method to attract new audiences also. Well, you see guys Repurposing of content doesn’t mean changing few keywords and reposting them.

The Repurposing of content required an optimum level of skills and creativity. So, if you want to refurbish your some old posts, but lacking in the ideas department. Then, don’t worry as we have stored few Repurposing Content tricks in our kitty.

Art of Repurposing Content

  1. Make a list of popular blogs. Guys, only target your that blog posts which are popular among the audiences. As these posts have further potential to attract more audiences. Make a list of all your hit blog posts in separate excel sheet and only focus on them. As for repurposing, all old blog posts is totally waste of time and it’s not even productive.

  2. Use SlideShare. Okay, you can refurbish your blog post by creating its slide and posting it on the SlideShare. This will help you in attracting the new audiences from the SlideShare also.

  3. Turn Blog into infographics. People usually like to read information present in the visual manner as it becomes easy to understand that way. So, you can transfer your old blog posts into visual graphics. If you don’t know how to convert blog content into infographics, then don’t worry. As sites like Piktochart and Visually make it easy for you to create your own designs

  4. Add more content to old posts. If your old post which has done the relatively good job and attracted more views for you. Then, you can add more relevant data to that post. If any new development has happened on the topic, then you can add that. But, make sure that information you have inserted is vital. Otherwise, don’t disturb already well-written content.

  5. Launch podcasts or videos. Repurposing means targeting new audiences. Then, you should convert the content of your blog into video or podcast, so that you can drive traffic from their also. An attaching YouTube video with your blog can attract YouTube traffic towards your website very easily.

  6. Design eBook to compliment your post. Usually, the ideal length of blog posts is 500-1000 words. But, if you have more content available on your topic, then design an eBook that will compliment your blog.  Thus you can target the audiences via your eBook also.

  7. ┬áPost on social media. Social media promotion is very vital. So, don’t forget to repost your repurposed blog on your social media handle with a new caption.

  8. Publish case study. If you have some exclusive and interesting data available on your blog content. Then, you can even publish an academic case study on that data.

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