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Underlining Text Is Beneficial

Well, writing text manually has been today totally replaced with the computerize typing. The formulation of text via a computer has numerous benefits and provides us plenty of ways to format our text. Such as, bold, italics and underline. That’s why today we are going to discuss the importance of underlining the text.

The underlining text is normally related to the highlight of main key information. The horizontal line is drawn under the text always captures our attention first. And, we immediately understand that the highlighted information is vital. From the old manual typists to the today’s digital typists all understand the importance of underlining text.

When Tim Berners-Lee initially presented the concept of the World Wide Web in 1991, he stated: “The [World Wide Web] consists of documents and links.” The developers tried different typefaces to decorate the HTML hyperlinks, but only underlining works the best. So, since then underline become the presentation of HTML hyperlinks. Well, the apart from designing hyperlinks, underlining text has other gazillion advantages.

Advantages of Underlining Text

  • Attention

    The underlined text immediately draws attention towards it. So, in document reader automatically assumes that the underlined part as important and can easily focus on it.

  • Readability

    Underlining the main heading of the content makes it easy to read. The reader can briefly understand the whole content by reading the underlined part and can skip the unimportant part.

  • Appearance

    Using different fonts provides a nice look at the document. Because reading simple plain text is highly boring and the reader can easily miss important information in plain text.

How to perfectly use Underline?

Well, underlining the text has plenty of positive impacts, but to fully enjoy those impacts you need to understand the art of using the underline font. The underline font should be used like, this;

  • Underline Only Important Text

    Yep, don’t keep on underlining everything in the document. Try to underline only the important phrases of the content. If you underlining more words, then it will lose the charm and moreover, the text will appear more cluttered. That’s why underline only heading of the content or some important subheadings.

  • Don’t Lap Fonts

    Okay, using fonts can enhance the appearance of your content. But, it doesn’t mean that you use all fonts in one word. This will create the chaos in the text. Usually, fonts work best in the pair of two like, either use bold with underline or italics, never use altogether.  

  • Keep It Short

    Only underline a phrase containing 4-5 words maximum. Because using underline on long sentence doesn’t make any sense and even makes it difficult to read.

  • Never Use Underline With Lower Case

    Words. Well, try to avoid using underline with the lower case letters, such as g, p, j, y etc. This affects the readability of the text and even makes it confusing.

Small Underline Can Make Big Difference

Well, after reading the importance and perfect utilization of underline font, you might agree with this statement. So, from now onwards don’t underestimate the power of underline and thus use it properly at right time.

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