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There has been a time when you can’t easily access to the restricted web contents and can’t browse any website without sacrificing your privacy. But, with the invention of VPN and unblocked proxy servers this problem has been eliminated and now we can easily tackle this problem without any hassle. This invention turns out dramatically helpful and has tremendously eased the web surfing process. So, practically both VPN and unblocked proxy has same features and both used in same sense also, that’s why it is difficult decision for a web surfer to choose one of them. So, to provide some clear vision to our lovely readers about which secured portal they should use for secured browsing, we have drawn a fine comparison between both VPN and web based proxy.

Dynamic Difference between VPN and unblocked proxy!

  1. Restrain on speed.

    There is numerous difference between VPN and proxy, but the major difference would be of speed. In the web proxy, your speed of internet suffers a lot and it is damn annoying. But, in VPN no such issue arises ever and your internet speed never compromised with the VPN. VPN also shifts your IP address and server, but still, the speed of internet never slows down.

  2. Security blanket.

    Okay, as the name suggests web proxy only works on web browsing. They have zero encryption or security protocols, which mean that whatever you access with these proxies can harm your device. So, that’s a big negative point here, but our lovely VPN protects our devices to its core and protects devices from the attack of harmful malware.

  3. Privacy.

    Everyone cherishes their privacy and want to protect their web activities from prying eyes. But, with the web proxy, this isn’t possible and anyone can hack your system easily. On the contrary, VPN caters your privacy needs very carefully and provides the most private web browsing features.

  4. Global reach.

    Web proxy doesn’t have a lot of servers so they can’t really help you gain access to different regions. Well, like always VPN shines in this criteria also as all over the globe plenty of VPN servers are available. It doesn’t matter where you belong from, you will definitely found one dynamic VPN server around. You have to be literally living under the rock to not get access to VPN service.

  5. Accessed on all platforms.

    Today, it is highly important for all the service providers to be accessible on all platforms. Well, web proxy server only available on the desktops. And our dear VPN can work on smartphones and desktops both. Hence VPN is a server which is available on all the gadgets and enables users to browse safely without any difficulty.

Conflict resolved:

After reading the difference between the VPN and web proxy, it is clear that VPN is the best choice among the both. The VPN server is more secure and powerful as compared to web proxy server. So, I am in team VPN and totally recommend to use VPN service as it has numerous advantages. Well, guys now the ball is in your court, so make a wise decision.

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