Do programming certifications matter?


Importance of programming certifications?

The developing and programming skills are very high in demand and every field nowadays requires the services of these skilled persons. The programming skills of a person depend upon the credibility and knowledge of the person. From the ancient times, there has been a debate going on whether a person requires programming certification to achieve excellence in the programming field or mere the natural skill can be good enough. Well, everyone has their own perspective on the matter and some find having programming certificate highly useless as they are working as programming developer without any certification for years. But that only works for the people who are naturally talented and doesn’t need any professional guidance.

As everyone isn’t that talent and to be honest we all need some help to nourish our inner talent. Moreover having certificate improves the chance of getting the job as you can’t show your skill in ten minutes job interview. The certification is the legal document presenting the academic credits of an individual for the particular course. So, it is good to gain some programming certificate to improve your skills and have a better chance of getting the jobs. There are numerous programming certificate courses available and they have proved to be the boon for various programmers. The few highly popular programming certification are mentioned below.

Trending Programming Certifications are:

  1. Microsoft (MCSD)

Microsoft certifications are well recognized and in demand courses in the IT department on the basis of certs. The Microsoft certifications are available for both the beginners and intermediates. Microsoft offers its entry-level Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Developer along with several intermediate-level Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certs. MCSD offers certificates for the developers in the Windows Store Apps, Web Applications, SharePoint Applications and Application Lifecycle Management. To get the MCSD certificates person need to pass three or four multiple choice exams.

  1. Red Hat

Red Hat is openly sourced software certification for the developers which has covered the 90% fortune of the 500 companies. The Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer – RHCJD developer certification recognizes your ability to build Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) applications on the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Application Platform or other JEE-compliant platforms. Red Hat also offers Certificates of Expertise in ESB and Camel development. To get the Red Hat certificate you need to perform in the web projects and multiple choice exam, including the contexts (CDI), POJO/JEE components, identity information through APIs, Web/JSF components, Web navigation and more.

  1. Cisco

This is very promising programming certification platform for the developers also. Cisco offers five levels of network certification: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect, the highest level of accreditation within the Cisco Career Certification program.

  1. Oracle (APEX)

Oracle is the one of the leading data software company and among the other services, Oracle offers numerous programming certifications to the developers. The major example will be the Oracle Application Express Developer Certified Expert (Oracle APEX) is for developers who administer Application Express Workspaces.  The Oracle also offers numerous Oracle Certified Java certifications at the Associate, Professional (OCP), Master (OCM) and Expert (OCE) levels.

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