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Whenever we plan to design our own website or blogging site, then we have to make one crucial decision about the programming language. We have to pick one Programming language out of the pool of the numerous languages to design our website. But, today there are so many different programming languages available in the market that it’s very hard to select one language.

Moreover, all the programming languages are loaded with plenty of different features and tools. So, if you are going through the same kind of confusion and trying to find the perfect programming language for your next project, then let’s adopt a new approach.

Yep, why not first study the programming languages which are used by the popular websites like Wikipedia, Google, etc., This way you will understand better the performance and benefits of the languages and thus you can easily make the decision.

Programming Languages Used By Popular Websites

Well, we daily spend a large portion of our time on websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But, do you have any idea about the programming languages used by these popular websites? If not, then let’s check out the programming languages used by the popular websites in generating their codes

#1. Google

Google is the most used and biggest search engine in the world. The popularity and the workload taken by Google daily is enormous. So, if you are wondering what makes the Google so effective, then on the front end; JavaScript supports it, whereas on the back end; C, C++, Go, Java, Python. And, the database of the 1,100,000,000 unique visitors is handled by the BigTable and MariaDB.

#2. YouTube

YouTube has changed the method of viewing, sharing and uploading videos on the internet. Now, daily YouTube entertains more than 1,000,000,000 unique visitors with the videos. To handle this enormous amount of traffic daily, YouTube has JavaScript at the front end and C/C++, Python, Java, Go at the back end. The database of the YouTube is managed by MySQL and BigTable.

#3. Facebook

Facebook is the revolutionary social media networking website which has been used worldwide. So, this social networking platform has a huge burden on it which has to be maintained properly. For this Facebook, has JavaScript on the front end and Hack, PHP, C++, Java, Python, Erlang, D, Xhp on the back end. Whereas, MySQL and HBase have to cater to the database of 900,000,000 Facebook unique visitors.

#4. Yahoo

Yahoo is the second largest search engine of the world after Google. Yahoo is a presently transitioning to node.js. It has around 750,000,000 unique visitors daily.  On the technical front, Yahoo has the support of JavaScript at the front end and JavaScript, PHP at the backend. The database of Yahoo is handled by the MySQL and PostgreSQL.

#5. Amazon

Amazon is the most popular and safest shopping website. Apart from the shopping, Amazon has numerous other components in the kitty which are enjoyed by 500,000,000 unique visitors. The front end developers handle JavaScript, However back-end work is maintained by Java, C++, Perl.

#6. Wikipedia

The free site of an online encyclopedia is the solution of every academic problem today. Wikipedia receives 475,000,000 unique visitors daily who are managed by the JavaScript on front and HHVM on the back end. Whereas, the database is managed by MySQL and MariaDB.

So, guys, this study has revealed the fact that all the popular websites are using JavaScript to run their sites. So, we think now, you know which programming language should you use to develop your website.

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