Why you should publish your App on Playstore or App Store?


Why publish an app?

The mobile apps are very high in demand and every smartphone user is always looking for one good and feature full app. The mobile apps market has grown tremendously in the past few years and it is the very nice way to learn some skills of the app development by the young aspiring students who want to establish their career in technology. Normally two main platforms to publish the apps are used by the app developers- Google play store or Apple App Store, but there are numerous other platforms are now also available with the new development in the app market, such as Amazon app store, Windows app store etc.

Well, as I have made clear in the beginning of the article that it is good for the beginners to put their app on the play store or app store to gain some advantage, but the question here is up to what extend putting an app on the app store and play store helps the new app developers. So, in this article ahead we will discuss the importance of uploading app in the App Store and play store.

The reason behind putting the app on the Play Store or App store:

  1. Vast expansion for the app.

By putting the new app on the play store or app store or by putting it on both the platforms will give the vast exposure to the app. As the both app platforms run the globally and have the huge amount of users already on them. Thus it gives the vast exposure to the app and that can get the app the global recognition. That’s all without spending any penny on the promotion and the app becomes popular within days if it has any potential in it.

  1. Quality Review on the app.

The user base of the both Android and iOS are very large and it creates an opportunity for the young app developers to get some quality reviews. With the usage of these app platforms, there are fewer chances of your app being lost between spammers and low-quality apps, and more chances of users trusting what’s in the store.

  1. Nice App development support.

The play store and the App Store both seem to be pretty responsive to questions, which is a good thing given that you’ll probably have some during the review process. The professional team of the both stores provides you throughout guidance and tips to improve the performance of your app. That’s a good opportunity for the app developers to understand the new things.

  1. Helps developers to Test Drive app.  

Users can take the test run of the app before actually buying it with these app stores which enhances the download rate of the app. The Android users can use Test Drive for Android to make sure the app is what they’re looking for. The app store user can also test the trial of the app first, so overall the play store and app store both are boons for the app developers. As this allows them to understand the response of the market about the app.

  1. Earn some money.

The developers can easily earn some money by uploading the app on the app stores and put them in the paid category. With the every download you will get the amount credited to your account easily and rest left it to the hosting platform. So, just upload your app and you will get handsome income on the every download.

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