Quick 4 Hacks for the SEO Developers


When Isn’t Organic Traffic Enough?

In our previous SEO posts, we have covered the different pointers that can help developers to set up their SEO oriented site. So, you have now designed sitemap, had tweaked with the robots.files used dynamic keywords and also optimized your images. In short, you have done everything we have previously discussed, but still, you don’t get the desired traffic.

So, what now? Well, developers when something doesn’t come straight, then you have to search few alternatives to reach your goals. And, in this post, we are going to focus on these few alternatives hacks of SEO which can help you to generate some extra traffic.

So, developers, nothing is wrong or right when we are talking about the traffic of your site. That’s why sometimes playing little ethical SEO hacks won’t harm anybody. Okay, so if you want to grow more, then try out these below mentioned SEO Hacks right away.

#1. Accelerate Mobile Pages Friendliness

This point has been discussed numerous times that having a mobile-friendly site is very important today. First, Google only ranks those site’s which are mobile friendly and secondly, the number of mobile users is higher than the web users these days. So, optimize your site from the point of view of the mobile users. And, every mobile user needs two things from the site, easy visibility, and speed.

You can easily accelerate mobile friendly website using the AMP. Google’s AMP project is a set of specifications designed to create pages for mobile devices that are easily used and navigated, render smoothly and load seemingly instantly. AMP project includes three main points:

HTML – HTML keeps the technical properties of restriction at the check and offers custom properties for the images, videos, and frames.

AMP JavaScript Library – This library makes sure the resource load speed and makes a site that third-party resource won’t block the rendering of the site.

Google AMP Cache-A trusted delivery network system that fetches, serves and stores AMP.

#2. Semantic SEO

Over the past few years, Google is working on introducing semantic to the search engine. The semantic technology is built upon the “entities”. The entities are the simple nouns such as name, place, and thing. Through the semantic search and knowledge graph, you can increase the traffic of your site.

By using structured data markup like JSON-LD, RDF/XML or other RDF formats, you can mark up your brand entity. There are plenty of tools available like LocalBusiness schema to add important information about your business. You might not see much impact on the traffic after this, but the main motive of semantic technology is to quickly provide information about your business to the users.

#3. Switch To HTTP

It is always a good idea to keep yourself and your users on the secured servers. That’s why for the better Google ranking switching to the HTTP server is a good idea. You can easily switch to the SSL certification and secure your website URL with the HTTP. You can use basic crawling tools to check the HTTP status of your web pages.

#4. Optimize Your Images

Using images and videos on your site is a very good idea. This will make your site look more interesting and breaks the text from forming bloating look. But, when the size of your images or videos is too large, then it ultimately affects the speed of your site.

That’s why make sure to keep the size of your site small and feasible. There are plenty of different tools like Photoshop Adobe editors are available in the market.


Well, SEO is beyond these four optimizing hacks, that’s why make your content high and organic traffic will come to you one way or another. So, be attentive and keep on doing a good job!

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