A quick guide to Machine Learning


Introductory Guide to Machine Learning:

The machine learning is the branch of the Artificial intelligence in which machine is trained to perform a certain task. The machine learning meaning in the layman language is translating the ability to learn into the computer by entering series of algorithms into it and making it able to perform tasks. It means making computer able to perform tasks themselves by making them capable of learning and making the computer self-efficient is the very hard nut to crack.

Artificial Intelligence is the very dynamic field and the machine learning is an integral part of it. If you are the big fan of Star Trek and wondering you can impart that much kind of intelligence into your computer, then that’s not possible yet, but still, you can perform plenty of cool stuff with the machine learning. Let’s get familiar with the branches of the machine learning, shall we?

Operational Field of the Machine Learning:


  1. Image Processing.

    This field of machine learning identifies the image to get the data or doing some kind of transformation. The machine recognized the data of the image and perform task accordingly. Let take few examples of image processing:

  • Like on Facebook we have the feature of image tagging, in which computer automatically generate block at the face on the image and provide an option to tag it. It is not magic just simple machine learning algorithm learns from the image you manually tagged.
  • In the self-driving cars, machine learns from the image processing and drives the car automatically. A Machine Learning algorithm learns where’s the edge of the road, if there’s a stop sign or a car is approaching by looking at each frame taken by a video camera.
  1. Text Analysis.

    The text analysis is a process in which information is extracted or obtained from the text, such as e-mail, tweets, posts etc. The text analysis is part of the machine learning, such as:

  • The biggest common example of text analysis is spam filtering. How according to the content of the email computer automatically filters the spam emails and sort them for us.
  • Information Extraction, from a text, learn to extract a particular piece of information or data, for example, extracting addresses, entities, keywords, etc. Facebook uses this tool very much and from our search keywords on the web, they show as advertisements according to it.
  1. Data Mining.

    This is the process of predicting future from the available set of data and making assumptions according to it. In this new information is expected on the basis of the available information by using the machine learning algorithms. Let get better understand with an example:

  • The bank can easily predict the future transactions and the credit score of their customers by data mining their past records and can easily predict their credibility with this data mining.
  • E commerce websites use the data of their customers and provide them with the relevant deals according to their past brought items.


The machine learning basically means imparting artificial intelligence to the computer to perform the certain task automatically. The machine learning is a very developing concept and a number of developed are waiting for this stream in the near future. It is the part of the future plan, so it is good to get acquisition with it.

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