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Two Dynamic Tools For Website Owners

Okay, so you want your website to shine among the other websites, but how can you establish that your website is shinning? Well, to understand the metrics of your website, you required some tools, such as Time On Page and Bounce Rate measurement tools.

Both terms are already explaining their meaning, but still, if we elaborate these two terms. Then, time on the page referred to the time spent by the user on your website.  And, bounce rate is the quite opposite term which means the number of users who bounces off from your website.

Pretty simple, but getting the accurate peroration of both the terms is very difficult. In the ideal case, time on the page should vary over the bounce rate of a website. An equation of the successful website is:

Time On Page > Bounce Rate

But, when the bounce rate overpowers the time on page, then the whole hell breaks out. And, its indication that you need to change your game plan and gear up.  So, let’s check out how to increase the time on page and reduce bounce rate quickly.

Google Analytics Is A Big Problem

Well, before finding the solution to maintain high time on page and low bounce rate, we have to understand the Google Analytics. So, you see people Google calculates time on the page very differently. The user who logs in to your website has to either exit your site or shift to another website in lieu to record it as the bounce rate.

Let’s take an example to better understand the Google calculating system. Suppose, the user searched for “National Animal of India” and on the very first page of your website user gets his answer. So, he simply closes the tab, here neither user has exited your website and nor shifted to another website. In that case, Google will record your time on page equal to 0.

Now, that is a big problem in estimating the accurate time on page and bounce rate. So, in a way, we can say that Google interprets wrong metrics. That’s why we need to figure out the way to increase user’s time on page and reduce unnecessary bounce rate.

Way To Increase Time On Page

Okay, guys to get users on your page, your only option is to post quality content. The content is the hero, so you have to present it as a hero. So, that users spend more time reading your content. The perfect content consists of:

  • The article must have a heading points so that user can easily read the information. For that purpose try to include the index of the content on the top.
  • Redesign your older posts.
  • Write your posts in an interactive manner.

Way To Reduce Bounce Rate

The bounce rate recorded when a user visited your website, and immediately regrets his decision and press back button to exit your website. And, number one reason of it is a poor presentation of information. People visit your website in search of information and if they won’t get it in the first look, then they are going to bounce off. So, to reduce bounce rate present your content in easily readable manner.

Well, people, both terms time on page and bounce rate are interlinked with each. They are like opposite ends of a seesaw, so balance your seesaw very carefully website owners.

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