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SEO Is A Plan

Well, if you have lately heard word Search Engine Optimization on the internet a lot. And, if you are dying to implement SEO on your website, then we are going to share some inside details regarding the SEO with you all.

In a simple way, SEO means optimizing your site in such a manner that it ranks high on Google. Normally, SEO is all about right planning and thinking. You might get confused with the different terms like bounce rate, page metrics, conversion rate etc. But, in the end, SEO means planning your site in such a way that it compels Google to rank you on the top.

Now, planning an SEO strategy isn’t one time or fixed process. Because Google keeps on changing its algorithm so that nobody can crack the super-secret algorithms of the Google. That’s why nobody can understand the Google, but you can plan your SEO strategy bulletproof. So, that your website can survive the changing dynamics of the Google algorithms.

Bullet Proof SEO Strategy Involves Following Protections

#1. Define Your Goals

Before going further or planning any SEO campaign for your website, take a step back and define your goals. Goals mean what do you want to achieve from the SEO campaign. To define the SEO goals of your site, consider the following three points:

  • Who Should You Target? First, define your target audience then according to it plan your SEO strategy. Suppose, if you are selling expensive handicrafts on your site, then targeting young teenagers won’t be ideal for you. In this case, your audience is working class people who can buy the expensive handicrafts, not college going students.
  • Why I’m Targeting These People? You are targeting people to your e-commerce website to sell products. So, focus your attention on selling goods to the visitors in the most creative manner.
  • How Should I Measure My Success? Now, you got some visitors, but how will you measure the success. Here either you can consider conversion rate as the base of measurement or the number of visitors who buy from your site.

#2. Keywords Matter The Most

The most important part of the SEO planning would be picking up the right keyword. The higher part of your SEO planning depends on the selection of keywords. Thanks to Google’s Hummingbird and RankBrain selection of keywords has somehow erased. Generally, selection of keywords depends on three situations.

  • People Who Are Interested In Topic – These people want to study more about the topic as they have no basic knowledge about the topic. So, they want to know everything about the topic.
  • People Who Are Looking For More – These people have some basic idea about the topic and now they are just looking to learn something more.
  • People Who Are Ready To Take Action – These people are fully aware of the topic and now they want to take action on it.

Today, plenty of keywords searching tools are available in the market, but few popular ones are; Ubersuggest, Keywordtool.io, Answer the Public, AdWords Keyword Planner.

#3. SEO Audit

So, now you have defined your goal and determined your keywords, this your basic SEO foundation is now laid down. That’s why your next step should involve performing SEO audits. Such as:

  • Technical Audit – Technical SEO is the process of building a website in a way that makes it crawlable to search engines. If it’s not right, a website could struggle, or even fail, to get indexed. That means no search results for you!
  • Crawls Your Site – For bigger sites, where lots of web pages are linked, there using a web crawler to study the performance of the website is a good idea. As Google uses crawlers to analysis the performance of different websites.

#4. Content Is The King

If you don’t have good and fresh content on your site, then no amount of SEO can save your site from penalizing. As Google has designed some high-quality content rules for the websites. Such as, your keyword density must be accurate, properly aligned images and no copied content is few golden rules of Creating Content Rich Site.


So, guys, SEO is a full marketing package for selling your site on the internet and convincing Google to rank your site on the top. SEO is an organic process and it’s hard to manipulate it, so be honest with your work and leave test in the hands of Google.

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