Top 3 Reasons to Learn Computer Programming!


Computers are playing an immense role in our life by making our day to day tasks easier. From booking a ticket to purchasing a good, now everything can be done on few clicks. Give it a thought then, since programming is becoming a huge part of our lives, don’t you think you will be able to improve your life my knowing how is it functioning or in technical words don’t you think learning to program a computer will make a difference?

There are some very good reasons, why everyone should start learning computer programming. Let’s find out.

  1. Makes Life easier

    Computers are everyone’s need and, regardless of what field you are working in the role of a computer is going to be there no matter what. The ideal difference comes between two human beings comes when one of them is familiar with computer programming and another person doesn’t. This doesn’t actually means that you need to put something extra to learn programming or you need special knowledge to get going with programs, learning to program is about the mentality and mindset. As most people say, anyone can code, it’s true in every regard. Now, coming back to how it can change your life. I will be giving you an example, if you are in a job where you have to keep storing data in your computer by making separate folders. This job looks tedious in a way because of the amount of folders everyday but, just through a couple of lines of code, this task of creating of creating hundred of folders can be done in seconds. This is how programming can help anyone to make life a little better.

  2. Great Earning career

    Programming building as a profession is paid extremely well right now and does not require a formal instruction in an indistinguishable path from, say, atomic designing. Individuals can begin taking in the subject in their extra time and afterward commit themselves all the more completely to the interest later on. And since, it doesn’t require a any formal education, anyone can adopt and learn programming and can see himself through to make a lot of money.

  3. Moving with the society

    You should learn how to code because we live in times of digital feudalism in the sense that a handful of media-companies (Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Google etc) own all the “land” where people live, work and play these days and unless you learn how to code “a piece of land” yourself, you’ll always be at their mercy of these landlords – meaning they’ll use whatever value you create on their platforms to grow their own bank accounts. That’s the “brilliance” of these companies.
    Another way of putting it is to playfully paraphrase Churchill:

    “Never have so few have so many to thank for so much.”

    So in other words, forget about being a writer, journalist, musician (the “serfs” or peasants in this new economy), coding and startups are the 21st century captains of industry – an unprecedented concentration of power and wealth.

“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”
Steve Jobs

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