Recommended Command Line Application for Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop Workstations


Shift to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Well, if you are using Linux system then you might know the benefits of distribution Ubuntu 16.04. This distribution has plenty of benefits that people are again shifting towards this system. As for the long-term purpose, this update is very beneficial and its workstation is very neat and clean. Moreover, if you have your data stored in the cloud drive to work on your Android phone, then this Ubuntu 16.04 is very cool.

But, I’m not going to tell you how awesome is Ubuntu 16.04 and how beneficial it can be. I’m going to share some cool command line applications that can make your Ubuntu 16.04 system more productive. By adding these applications to your workstation, you can be more efficient and dynamic at work.

That’s why try to include following mentioned line command applications to your Ubuntu 16.04. You can add all these applications or few to be highly productive.

#Ntp (Network Time Protocol)

As you can guess by the name that NTP application synchs your Ubuntu clock with the server for fast updates. This synchronization process can be achieved with the help of NTP updates. Using this application is totally up to the personal preference of the user. But, you can install this application using this command line.

sudo apt-get install ntp

#Midnight Commander (mc)

The midnight commander is the very sorted out file manager for the Linux users. As it can handle all your cloud, local and remote located files and manage them in different ways. The midnight commander has been sorting out lives of numerous Linux users from a very long term.

sudo apt-get install mc


The top line command application is an interactive process viewer for Unix. With this Linux users can view their process very clearly and can even preview it. The htop can be installed using this command.

sudo apt-get install htop


This command enables you to connect to the other remote computer with LAN. The Openssh-server can authentically connect two remote computer sets. To connect your computer using the SSH command, you have followed down the following line of action.

sudo apt-get install openssh-server

#Samba server and client

Well, if you want to connect with your workstation either from the command line or your File Manager then this command is yours. With the Samba command, you can connect your one computer from another computer to your LAN, Linux, Windows or Mac. So, this very high utility command.


The p7zip is a port of 7z for POSIX systems like Unix includes Linux, Solaris etc systems. 7z is an Excellent archiving software offering High compression ratio and Strong AES-256 encryption. It can be installed like this.

sudo apt-get install p7zip-full p7zip-rar


This utility command is used to extract the rar files from the Linux system. It can be activated using the following action.

sudo apt-get install unrar


Wipe is dedicated to retrieve and secure all the deleted files from the system. It’s line of command is.

sudo apt-get install wipe

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