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Recently, Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, has given a statement saying that “learn JavaScript, deeply”. Now, this one statement has numerous meaning behind it and has been giving restless nights to numerous WordPress users. Users are very confused and can’t fathom the relationship between JavaScript and WordPress.

Well, JavaScript is ever expanding and well-structured front-end programming language which has been highly used to create animations and add effects to web pages. However, if you are using WordPress plugins, then you will be shocked to know that half of the WordPress plugins are using the JavaScript already.

But, still for the WordPress developers who are working with PHP, for them shifting to JavaScript is not an easy job. That’s why WordPress users are terrified by the thought of learning JavaScript to use WordPress. But, guys here you have one good news that both JavaScript and PHP has similar kind of syntax and structure. So, it’s quite easy for WordPress PHP user to learn JavaScript. Anyhow, still for our readers convince, we are going to see in this post how JavaScript and WordPress react with each other.

JavaScript & WordPress

Okay, so being a WordPress developer, you don’t need to learn the JavaScript, no you just need to understand how JavaScript and WordPress are relevant to each other. So, here are some uses of JavaScript with WordPress and how these two harmonies with one another.

–    Wordpress Dashboard is powered by JavaScript

Oh, yeah, the new WordPress desktop application named Calypso, entirely powered by the JavaScript. This application, instead of connecting the user directly to the MySQL database of the WordPress controls content on the internet with the help of REST API. This enables Calypso to be installed anywhere to connect with any WordPress site. In fact, all the features available on your WordPress admin screen are supported by JavaScript, such as;

Use of customizer

Plugins and themes


Menus, etc.,

PHP only comes when you click on the save changes, update or publish buttons. Here the admin screen in refreshed and changes are saved permanently in the database, rest everything is handled by JavaScript.

–    JavaScript & WordPress REST API

This is the perfect example to explain to understand the JavaScript interaction with the WordPress. The WordPress REST API is written in PHP since it has to communicate with the database. So, now the only difference would be that you will use JSON objects to communicate with it.

–    JavaScript in WordPress Themes & Plugins

If you are a true WordPress user, then you will definitely have some themes and plugins installed on your website. The plugins use JavaScript to create animation and visual graphics for you. JavaScript is also in WordPress themes, to make your communication with the theme properly. Example for this would be the themes that come integrated with the different design effects like mega sliders, responsive video and parallax scrolling effect.

–    JavaScript is a part of WordPress

Yes, developers, this might come to you as a shock, but JavaScript is an already integrated part of the WordPress. The various JavaScript libraries like Underscore.js, Backbone.js, JSON, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, and React are very important part of the WordPress. This list might seem scary if you go and learn all these libraries one by one. But don’t worry, you don’t have to learn any of the libraries. Just start your journey with jQuery which makes the JavaScript programming very easy. Moreover, if you want to add animations to your site through themes and plugins, then jQuery can handle it too.

So, you see developers JavaScript is already an important part of the WordPress and in near future, it will become even more prominent part of it. That’s why immediately start learning jQuery library to properly use the WordPress.

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