What is it required to become a full-stack developer?


In 2017, where every single individual is looking to get settled in their life with a handsome package and a good lifestyle, they somehow forget about what it takes to achieve that goal. According to the most popular among developers website, StackOverflow.com the trending job in 2017 is to be a Full-Stack developer. Here in this blog I am not focusing to provide links of the resources where you can find Full-stack development course, instead I am focused to provide you the content which you should learn to become a Full-stack developer.

Let’s get started by knowing what it actually means to be a full-stack developer.

A full-stack developer in simple language is a developer who can work on both frontend and backend of a web based project or website. Front end is a term which is used to describe the graphical interaction of a user to the project or website whereas the backend means managing the database, server configuration, authentication, etc. whereas it doesn’t actually mean that a person should be perfect with both the technologies but what it really means is that he or she could handle and work upon both the parameters of frontend and backend whenever required or should be able to guide the team of developers very well.

Now, let’s look deep down to see what it actually requires to be a full-stack developer and how can you land up at your favourite job.


    Hypertext markup language (HTML) and Cascade style sheets (CSS) are backbone of any web development language and it is mandatory to grasp a sound understanding of both of them if you are willing to become a full-stack developer. These are the ones that forms the skeleton of any front-end and then you can always add bootstrap framework alongside for responsiveness of the website.
  2. Javascript

    Javascript according to most of the portals is one of the hottest technology in market as the amount of innovation that has been taking place in it. Even if you are front-end developer or back-end developer, it is mandatory to get a fine knowledge about Javascript. The amount of framework and tools that has been releasing every now and then based on Javascript has been huge, therefore it is a compulsion to get comfortable with it. Javascript in a web project always works like a language which makes a hefty task, easy. That means, with the introduction of JS frameworks like AngularJS and ReactJS the complications of writing a long code has gone down in numerous way. Therefore, getting a core knowledge regarding Javascript is very essential in becoming a Full-stack developer.
  3. Database and Backend Development

    Post learning languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript, the main objective lies in learning of backend programming language. You can start by learning any of the backend language like Php, Python, Java, JS, etc. but it’s always important to note that you get familiar with a language which is easier to learn and also, doesn’t involve too much complications. This is where NodeJS comes into play, as NodeJS is completely based on javascript which you are already familiar with.
  4. DevOps

    The reason a Full-Stack Developer is always going to be preferred in a company is mainly because he carries a lot of advantages in terms that he has a sound knowledge regarding multiple technologies and most importantly he is able to achieve project goals single handedly that may be a group normally used to handle. The knowledge of DevOps tools like ‘Git’ are necessary because with automation becoming a vital part of every company’s success, a full-stack developer must be familiar with some of the DevOps tools as well.

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