Rise & Fall of RSS Technology!


“Really Simple Syndication”

If you are a blogger and frequent reader, then you might have seen RSS sign on your WordPress site.  So, if you are wondering about this RSS technology. Then it simply provides your blog post content in XML tags and automatically posts updates on a feed. The feeds are stored in XML documents that can be a plugin with RSS reader application to update all the latest feeds. That’s pretty cool and easy way to get all the latest feeds together. But, like every good thing, the era of RSS also starts to reduce with the development of new technologies.

The rise of RSS!

RSS basically is an XML document and emerges after the continuous efforts of numerous companies. The main syndication feed called scriptingNews, which was developed by Dave Winer of UserLand in 1997 for his own blog. Dave Winer is actually known as the father of RSS. But, there were few other names also, like, Netscape. Currently, we are using RSS 2.0 of Winer which is patented to Harvard University in 2003.

Fall of RSS!

RSS technology faced great downfall with the emergence of tech giants like Google. Users are already struggling with RSS feeds code and difficult to comment features. And, in that period Google launched Google reader. This somehow gains the attention of RSS users and they shifted their loyalty towards it.

The extent of Google Reader’s loyalty can be seen from the fact that when Google Reader retired in 2013. That time petition to save it gathered more than 150,000 signatures. Google Reader may retire early, but it highly tarnished the users of RSS. As according to figures, in 2008 RSS feeds has 7% of active US users. Which declines to 4% in 2013. So, figures are telling the true picture here.

After, that Apple and Firefox eaten the leftover users of RSS feeds. And, RSS free feeds features of Twitter and Facebook was the final blow to the already sinking ship of RSS.  Now, RSS technology is at its lowest point and waiting for its savior.

Is there any RSS user available?

Now, RSS isn’t that old news, as currently, 23 million websites publish through RSS feeds. There are plenty of factors that sustain RSS feeds till date, such as RSS is switched on by default in WordPress. Which means almost 75 million websites are currently running on WordPress platform, that signifies 28% of websites. Wow, now who’s saying RSS is dead news. Apart from WordPress, there are few other factors present such as:

  • Numerous cool apps like  Flipboard, are presenting the new look of RSS in front of users.
  • 1.2 million people use Google News’ RSS feeds to follow stories they’re interested in.
  • 780,000 people have downloaded Google’s RSS Subscription Extension for Chrome.
  • Google news uses RSS to divide the numerous news feeds.

Current status of RSS?

So, if you are wondering, what is the current status of RSS? Then, guys, RSS is very much present with us and going to be here for a long time. With the emergence of new technologies, some RSS users might have shifted their interest. But, RSS is one revolutionary technology and such technologies never losses their charm. So, in short, RSS is pretty much alive and kicking its competitor’s ass.

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