Roadmap To Learn AngularJs


What Can Angular Offer You?

If you are into the app developing, then you must have heard about Angular or AngularJs term somewhere. Well, Angular is a very high powered front-end language that can be very helpful in creating apps with JavaScript. The language is very popular and hybrid in designing cross-platform apps, and every app developer needs to learn this language for long-term survival.

But, due to the complexed and intimidating AngularJs terminologies, numerous developers get scared and don’t try to learn it. Guys, if you are scared of few complexed coding and ignoring learning Angular, then you are missing some fun. Like:

  • It comes with modularity that helps developers to learn parts of app structure concurrently.
  • To test apps numerous tools are available in pieces.
  • Angular language has the big thriving community that is always ready to help each other.
  • The app’s UI and logic is cleanly separated from each other.

Well, if after reading only four features of AngularJs, you are itching to learn the language, then I won’t blame you. Because guys, this language has all the features in right quantity that are required to create one cool app. So, on that note let’s check out steps to became pro in Angular.

How To Learn Angular?

Okay, so in this era of the internet, we will begin the journey of Angular learning online first. As there are plenty of online courses and tutorials are available to learn from. In this post, we will be sharing few trending Angular learning resources, but you can use any resource according to your desire.

#1. Get Familiar With Angular

The first thing that every person should do before learning something new is to overview the subject. The bird’s eye’s view will help you in understanding whether you are fit to learn Angular or is learning Angular going to help you in future or not?

For that, you can watch the “Shaping up with Angular.js” a free Code School video course sponsored by Google. This video tutorial will introduce you to Angular by helping in designing a simple app using Angular. In this course, you will learn numerous features of Angular, such as Directives, two-way data-binding, Services, and so forth.

#2. Main Concepts of Angular

After getting the basic introduction of Angular, next step is to learn few concepts of language. Well, learning concepts from the official Angular docs are very good from the academic point of view. But, folks not everyone can understand the complexed terminology of the official Angular docs.

So, it is recommended that you should first learn Angular from the third party sources. Like, the online book called Angular Basics is very helpful in understanding the tweaks of AngularJs. Chris Smith, the author of the book has described Angular features in very simple terminology in the book.

#3. Gain Some Practical Knowledge

Well, now you need some practical knowledge to design the apps using Angular. In this, PhoneCat Tutorial App will definitely help you. The app creates smartphone dairies and helps in creating one AngularJs based app. This app helps in learning some advanced level features, such as unit-testing, E2E tests, how to organize your app files and directories, templating and more.

So, guys in end we can say that AngularJs is a future of JavaScript apps. That’s why you can’t avoid learning them any longer.

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