Rocking HTML Series Part IV: Let’s Get Bedazzled With Few Stunning HTML 5 Demos


Live HTML 5 Demos

Well, readers, we have together made it to the fourth installment of The Rocking HTML Series, so this series is going to be bit different. As we have numerous times discuss the advantages and lucrative features of the HTML 5. That’s why this post is going to be totally different. Today we are going to see some live miracles of HTML 5.

HTML 5 has given us some really nice options that it convinced Apple to ditch Flash and slowly move towards HTML 5. With the combination of languages like JavaScript, the functions created in HTML 5 are really worthwhile.

Well, as HTML 5 isn’t supported by numerous web browsers like internet explorer, that’s why we recommend users to adopt Mozilla Firefox in lieu to get a better hang of HTML 5 Demos:

#1. Flashing Animation

Out of the all dazzling features of HTML 5 canvas element has replaced the certain trend of flash. It allows you to build dynamic, scriptable rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images with Javascript, which by other mean is controllable animation. The animation created in HTML 5 are truly innovative and creative, few live examples of HTML 5 Animation Demos are:

– Audioburst Animation

This totally cool and stunning animation is created with HTML 5 canvas and audio tag.

– Ball Pool

Ball Pool demo was showcased in the Google I/O and this alone is sufficient enough to interpret the grandness of HTML 5 animations.

– Blob Sallad

This HTML 5 swamped character animation will surely make you giggle.

– Bomomo

To observe and create different atomic shapes in HTML 5, you should definitely use Bomomo.

– Bubbles

Let’s create some multi color bubbles of happiness with HTML 5.

– Coolclock

Time is a virtue and nothing can justify this statement apart from the HTML 5 and JavaScript Coolclock animation.

– Kaleidoscope

A creative look at the future can be observed with the HTML 5 Kaleidoscope.

– Liquid Particles

Liquid Particles animation is a sensitive animation that reacts according to the movement of your mouse.

– Mesmerizer

Yet another sensitive animation that tells how your mouse reacts with the nearby elements.

– ┬áNebula Cloud

This wonderful nebula cloud can easily hypnotize your senses and create a perfect illusion for your eyes.

– Particle Animation

Particle Animation is an elegant animation that can easily be converted into your preferred message.

– Spread

Lose your senses with colorful spiral spreads on the canvas of the black background.

– Starfield

A Cool Starfield animation changes the speed and direction according to the speed and direction of your mouse.

#2. Dramatic 3D Animation

If you are already impressed with the HTML 5 canvas element animations, then my friend you have more to see. Yep, with the canvas elements, JavaScript and DOM dramatic 3D Animation can be created. These animations can be further developed into the game, that’s why don’t miss out HTML 5 3D Animations:

– Canvas3D and Flickr

This Flickr photostream will change the way of viewing photos for you.

– Cloth Simulation

This virtual cloth simulation is the optimum image of the perfection.

– Evolving Monster

In this 3D Animation, you will see a monster turning into the unique creature in front of your eyes.

– JS Touch

That’s what we call a high quality “2D & 3D Animation” people.

#3. Data Presentation

Whereas as HTML 5 can be used to create illusionist 3D Animation, on the other hand, it can be used to sort out mathematical data also. Like:

– Gnuplot

This is a data plotting program in HTML 5.

– RGraph

RGraph provides a wide range of data presentation like bar chart, progress bar and traditional radar chart.

#4. Versatile Web Application

Using HTML 5 with the support of other lucrative languages, stunning web applications can be created that can easily beat the flash applications. Such as:

– CanvasPaint

This is HTML 5 version of the Microsoft Paint.

– CanvasMol

It is a scientific element which helps you understand the numerous earth elements.

– Cartoon Builder

You can build cute and exquisite cartoon characters with this tool.

– Drag Anything Here

Drag Anything Here can drag anything important in the demo.

#5. Games

HTML 5 has stored up numerous gifts for the gamers also:

– 3Bored

Boredom will never touch you if you keep on invading hundreds HTML 5 bullets.

– Breakout

Let’s rebound the wall to break it again with the HTML 5.

– Canvascape

It’s not exactly a game but a demonstration on how HTML 5 can be used to create First Person Shooting Game.

– Catch It

Dodge some balls to catch HTML 5 squares.

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