Is it safe to say that YouTube has a tendency to beat the Google as Search Engine?


Ultimate Battle of Search Engines: Google vs YouTube

Well, web search engines are the ultimate solution to our every problem. Whenever we have any query we immediately ask the Google or YouTube. Both, these search engines are equally popular among the users nowadays. But, still, both can’t be equally better so there has to be some difference between both of them.

So, if we take current figures into consideration, then we see Google at the number one position and YouTube just behind it on number two. But, no one is interested in the present, all want to know the trends of future. So, according to the tech experts prediction, YouTube is going to beat up the Google in the future.

Yep, it is assumed that by the rollout of 2018, YouTube will rule in the search engines market. Wondering, what will change in this year that role downs the legacy of Google. So, let’s see.

Videos searches will grow YouTube

The one and only reason behind Google’s fall out will be video-oriented search. As people like to search for the videos more as compared to the web content and this phenomenon will increase the popularity of YouTube as a search engine. Because this is a scientifically proven that humans understand visual content more easily and observe them more quickly.

According to one stats in 2019, 80% of the search is going to be on the basis of videos. So, as the YouTube is currently one of the largest video search engines due to 3 hours videos uploaded to it every minute. That’s why it is impossible for other video portals such as Daily Motion and Vimeo to overpower YouTube.  

But, Google also has video portal which has the power to beat the YouTube’s success. As Google has owned YouTube for the past ten years. That’s why million dollars question here is that can YouTube beat Google Videos.

YouTube Videos vs Google Videos

Well, the answer is, yes YouTube can easily overpower the Google videos app in the future. Confused? Well, let me tell you that Google and YouTube might be part of each other for long period. But, the algorithm used in both the search engines, is totally different from each. Such as;

  • Google always provide videos up to the point and only search videos for the particular keyword. Whereas, YouTube focuses on the relevant keywords also.
  • The main purpose of YouTube is to provide long and entertaining videos to the users. And, on the other hand, Google only provide cut to cut informative videos.
  • YouTube is money making tool and Google is a mere information source. So, basic ideology of both search engines is different.

YouTube will rule in 2019

So, this analysis clearly interprets that YouTube is the new choice of users. As people nowadays want something more then clear information and YouTube provides them the extra factor.  That’s why for next few years search engine market will be ruled by the YouTube.  

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