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Importance of Accessibility in Web Designing

The accessibility is nowadays considered as the key element of a successful website. The developers put their all efforts in making their websites accessible for the visitors. As your website isn’t yours only, it is a global platform where every visitor has equal right. So, that’s developers always work on UI design which is user-friendly aka easily accessible.

But, sometimes apart from the hard efforts of developer UI design itself get complicated. In that case, we can’t question the ability of developer, but still, the developer can control this. Instead of compromising with the complexity of UI design, you as a developer need to find a solution for the complexity.

That’s why we being your ultimate coding master has enlisted non-technical accessibility tips for UI design. So, share these tricks with your team and enhance the accessibility of your next project.

Smartly put animations.

Today we have numerous animation tools and themes available to play with. But, guys, don’t get fascinated with these beautiful animations as every animation isn’t for you. Sometimes in excitement developers uses more stuff in designing and complexes the view of the page. As you are a professional and knows how the theme is going to work. But, your readers are not experts and nor they have time to understand your complex theme. So, don’t overwork yourself as sometimes simplicity attracts is the best.

Color Scheme must be accurate.

The background color and font color of website pay very important role. The contrast between both colors should be accurate. As mis-contrast can impact the reading of your website. Always use a combination of darker color with light color. Or you can use professional color contrast apps to play with different colors. As trust me guys, no one has more than two minutes for your website. So, make the visit of readers worthwhile.

Establish a balance between image and text.

Well, if you are using the image as the background then you need to pay special care towards text position. As you don’t want to overlap each other. The text should be positioned in such a manner that it can be seen clearly and won’t overshadow image. Here text color also plays an important role as it can be easily read on the image. So, try to pay attention to these two points while using the image in the backdrop.

Double check font weight and size.

You will never get a proportion of font weight and size accurate in one attempt. So, try a different combination of font weight and size as no one likes to zoom in reading simple text. If possible try out font weight with different people and settle for the font which has easy visibility.

The requirement of external links.

Nowadays social media icons can be seen on websites that redirect users to another window. So, before adding such kind of external links to your website make sure you need them. Such as if your website is related to blogging then it is the nice way to add these links. But, if not then why to complicate it with external links. So, firstly check the requirement and only then add these links.

Well, apart from these tips, there are numerous ways to make UI design accessible. As this is a never-ending process and every developer learns something new from their mistakes. So, try to make your UI design as much as possible accessible for better results.

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