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MS Word can be easily connoted as the head of Microsoft Office package. As we know that MS Office has a collection of numerous office tools like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc. And, out of all these tools, MS Word is most used and has more features. So, that’s why today we are going to learn few shortcut tricks of MS Word.

Now, don’t skip this article thinking that you know all about MS Word. As you never know when something new comes your way. So, if you know these tricks, then great if not. Then it’s super great as you are about to read them. Okay, now I won’t crack more cheesy jokes and presents you MS Word shortcuts.

#1. Cut Copy Paste is the lame method to move text.

Well, if you are stuck with old Cut Copy Paste method of moving text, then you need to drop that. As simple one-click option is available. Just select the text you want to move and press F2 command on your keyboard. Then on the place where you want to drop text, simply press “Enter”.  That’s the new way to move text in  MS Word nowadays.

#2. Select Text Freely.

Normally, we can select text in Word horizontally, but you don’t have to stick with normal way. If you want to select text vertically or randomly, then you can do that. For that press and hold Alt key at the time of selecting text. With that, you can select text in any manner.

#3. Image extraction from Word file.

As a blogger, we have to write content with the relevant images and when we need to upload them, we normally save them on the desktop. This creates the bit of confusion sometimes, but not anymore. To extract images from the Word File changes it’s extension from .doc to .rar.  By doing that similar media file of your word file will be generated containing all the images.

#4. Bare your text.

Do you face the problem of formatted text when you copy text from the web? Well, I face this problem plenty of times and hated it when text exactly formatted got copied in a word. To make the text bare from all formatting, you need to select the whole text and click on the Clear Formatting option given in the Word toolbar. With this, your text will be freed from any formatting.

#5. Easily add ASCII and Unicode characters in the text.

If you follow old school method of specific character option to insert ASCII and Unicode characters. Then you can simply add these characters using your keyboard. You only need to do is to press and hold Alt and type the character’s code. For example, Alt 159 will type ƒ. Alt 2 will type ☻. Alt 203 will type ╦. Alt 0153 will type ™.

#6. Frequently change case.

How many times we forget that caps lock is on and we still typed the text. And, later when we realized, then it is too difficult to remove that from a text. But, now we can change the case of text with one command. Press Shift F3, and case will automatically change. If you keep on pressing the command, then you can see case keeps on changing, every time.

#Wrap up

Well, these are just few shortcut tricks of MS Word, if you like them. Then please comment and we will surely share few more shortcut tricks of S Word with you.

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