Simple Navigation Setup is a key to Successful Website

Well, guys if you are suffering from the problem of getting not sufficient traffic on your website.  Then you might need to revisit your website and closely observe its navigation setup. As half of the time complexed and confusing navigation setup won't let people stay on your website. Because everyone can't understand the complexed setup of your website and won't have time either.

So, you need to think as visitor and design website according to the perspective of first time viewer. You can not accept people to spend their time on navigating confusing website. As ideally, a visitor only spend 30 seconds to one minute on any website. And, if they didn't understand the website set up in that time, then they simply move up to another website.

So, to sustain the visitor on your page and compel them to come again, you have to charm them in that one minute. And, simple and easy navigation setup does that for you. That's why having a user-friendly navigation setup is necessary. According to us three main navigation setups are very frequently used by most websites and that are recognized by the visitors also.

#1. Top Navigation Setup

This navigation setup is ideal for the user who has limited options to display. As reader normally reads from left to right or top to bottom, so by inserting navigation menu bar on the top right corner can be very easy for the readers. The eyes of the visitors vividly fall on this corner and become easier for them to find any information on your website.

This navigation setup is also easy to manage and highly simple to understand. The blogging websites should use such kind of navigation menu bar as there are not many options available to display.

#2. Side Navigation Setup

In this setup menu will be presented vertically on the webpage. This setup isn't ideal for every webpage as little fallout with this setup can cause chaos. As vertical representation can hide the figures of a menu bar and clutters the content of the website and makes it difficult for readers. The sidebar navigation is a big failure when you have lots of options to display. That's why it's only applicable to a short menu.

If you have the plain website with limited options to display on the front, then you can use side display. As with minimal information, its overview looks very nice. The e-commerce websites can use side navigation setup tool to showcase their options.

#3. Mega Navigation Setup

Well, if you have lots of options and menu to share with your users, then mega navigation can be your solution. The mega navigation makes the website visual appearance strong and makes it clutter free also. If you want to subcategories your menu, then also this navigation setup works. If you are looking for the live example of mega navigation setup, then visit the website of Starbuck.


The selection of navigation setup depends on the nature of your websites and content on a website. You can use all these navigation setups or can mix any two create one dynamic website. Whatever you do just remember to think as a visitor not as a website owner.

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