How a Single Front-End Engineer Can Replace a Team of Two?


Two Peas in a Pot:

Well, if you are one front-end engineer and working hard for that boom in your career, but still somehow something is coming up between you and your prosperous career. Then, my friend, you need to restore your goals. As today only working as a front-end developer isn’t sufficient. You need to adopt the double skills and with the programming skills, you have to incorporate some designing skills as well. Okay, you might want to argue here, that both the jobs are totally different from each and moreover you don’t like designing. But, today’s harsh reality is that to gain stable career and good clients, you have to perform the function of both front-end developer as well as a front-end developer with high imposed designing skills.

A person needs to multi-task and have to divide their duty into a designer and a developer very finely. There is a vast difference between both the job and it depends on the ability of person how he or she can juggle both roles. One side you have to focus on visual, spatial, and perceptual information, on the other side you have to pay attention to logics and analysis. That can be pretty much confusing for any sane person, but it has to be done. Well, to help out you guys and provide you some clarity, we have few dynamic manual guide for you all young aspirants.

Manual to juggle between Developer and Designer job.

  • When old folks say that never haste in your work, they mean it for good. So, when you get a new project, take a long deep breath and sleep a night over it. Brainstorm all the designing ideas in your mind and after getting some closure only then starts the real work.
  • Now, next step is to draw your design on paper and get some practical ideas about the design. This consists of three steps: 1) sketch, 2) wireframe, and 3) graphics.

1) Sketching means drawing a design on the square paper to provide some reality to your vision. There are some great resources online where you can download and print sketch sheets, such as sneakPeekit.

2) Wireframe means creating a presentation of your website design for the client and to get clients approval it has to be a pro. For this, you can use Photoshop as a tool.

3) Graphics is the fun part here. Where all the wireframe magic in transferred into the actual website. This is most crucial part as a designer.

  • Well, after you get a green signal on the design from the client, the next step is to go live. Now active your programmer side and start developing the website. Here all your developer’s skills will be used.
  • The next step is to choose CMS for your website. The goal of a CMS is to let you edit and publish content to a web page without having to code every new detail by hand, or even code at all. Here WordPress rules the market as it is versatile, easy to use and documentation is very easy.
  • Okay, now as you have delivered a perfect website to your client and you are wondering that your work is done here. Well, no as it is your duty to maintain the website regularly.


Double – Trouble skills:

Okay, this might seem too much, but it is essential for a front-end developer to have some designing skills as well to make one dynamic website. As having two different persons for one website is time-consuming and less economical thing. So, folks wear a double hat and grow even more in your career.

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