Skills, A Front End Developer must possess!


Who is a front end developer?

Well, today we are summoned with the websites for our daily work, such as we have a website to order food, for grocery shopping, for playing games etc. We have a website for every work, but ever wonder who is behind these high performing websites. Well, behind every successful website there is one successful front end developer who puts his knowledge and skill in creating one useful website. Front end developer is a skill to create something creative using the magic of dynamic coding. Front end developer career is very much in demand nowadays as every big or small business requires one skill-full website to promote their services. So, the front end developers are in high demand and if you have tech bone in you and want to create something creative, then this is the perfect career path for you.

Okay, so if you want to be a front-end developer but doesn’t know where, to begin with, then don’t worry as we have enlisted few traits that a front-end developer must possess in lieu to achieve excellence in the career.

Skilled possess by a successful front end developer:

  1. HTML knowledge is the must

    No web developer can be successful without the knowledge of HTML. It is like an ABC for the front-end developer, that every person working in the web field must have knowledge of HTML, to begin with, the website made. HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language used to create web pages. A markup language is your way of making notes in a digital document that can be distinguished from regular text.

  2. Get familiar with the JavaScript

    The JavaScript is the dynamic programming language that provides the perfect platform to develop website and applications. The web developers to create the feature loaded website with the audio and video, games, scrolling abilities, page animations features need to get familiar with the Java for the dynamic creation. The Java has bit advanced and lucrative features to design the website.

  3. Cascading style sheets knowledge

    CSS is the language used to present the document created in the HTML. CSS works on adding font, page layout, colour, well you can say it adds style to the document. But it has some limitations which can overcome by the CSS processor. Using a CSS preprocessor like Sass, LESS, or Stylus, you’re able to write code in the preprocessor language (allowing you to do things that might be a huge pain with plain old CSS).

  4. Version control software

    It is very hard to detect the error in the coding and it is impossible to go back in the work. But version control software allows you to go back to the previous work of your and detect the error to rectify it. This saves lots of time and energy of web developers, so get acquiescent with this software.

  5. Debugging

    Every website is exposed to the bugs, so every front end developer must have the skill to remove those bugs and it clean.

These are just a few basic skills that a front end developer must have as the web development field is very vast and numerous tools available for front end developer to learn. I personally recommend every student starting out on learning Front End Development to start learning with this great course on : The Complete Front End Web Developer BootCamp – Building 11 Applications.

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