Smartphones Journey From Being Communication Tool to The Entertainment Gadget


Smartphone is Enriched in Entertainment

Okay, around ten years ago, we use our phones as the source of communication only. But, know as the old button phone has shaped into the smart and sleek touch phone, this dynamics has changed now. Well, today phone isn’t merely a piece of communication, as it has now gained few extraordinary features.

Your smartphone can be your workplace, it can be your personal assistant and most importantly can be your ultimate source of entertainment. Well, you already know that but yet I would like to talk more about smartphone as an entertainment tool. Because according to stats average 50% of American uses their smartphones to watch videos and listen to music.

That’s because, with the invention of smartphones and their cool features, people started to expect more from their smartphone. Thus smartphone manufacturers started to add unbelievable entertainment features to lure customers more. And, today we are going to find out all that entertaining side of your smartphone.

How can Smartphone be used as Entertainer?

Okay, we can do plenty of entertaining stuff with the smartphone. Like, watching movies, listening to latest hits or playing thrilling games. According to figures with the invention of a smartphone, video game industry and videos sector have changed dramatically. As instead of playing video games on the TV or on PC, people prefer to download them on their smartphones, so that they can play anytime.

Same goes for moves where people like to watch movies on their phone instead of visiting cinema hall. It just because the smartphone is the ultimate entertainment source which everyone can carry in their hands. So, why to wait when you can be walking entertainer with your smartphone.  

Tools Required To intensify Smartphone Entertainment Experience

Well, the smartphone has tumble of benefits as an entertainment device, but still, 7 inches experience compared to 50 inches experience isn’t that great. But, we can intensify smartphone entertainment experience by using few extra tools such as:

  • One high powered Bluetooth headsets that can allow you to create stunning sound quality. The earphones quality matters a lot in making the full ambiance of the movie.
  • Well, having a pair of VR headsets can multiples the entertainment dosage numerous times for you. And, you can view 3D or 4D movies with them also.
  • A phone holder would be great for holding the phone for too long might not suit well for your shoulders.

From where To get Entertainment content

Well, so smartphone users can get access to all the entertainment content from their app stores. Such as, Android phone users can knock at Google Play Store and iOS users at iTunes Store for the latest entertaining apps. There you can download movies apps, music apps and plenty of games also. Few popular apps are like:

  • Movies apps – Netflix, YouTube, Daily Motion, Amazon Prime Videos, Hot star etc.
  • Music apps – Gaana, Saavan, YouTube, iTunes, Google music etc.

Smartphone is indeed a Friend in boredom

Okay, there isn’t an ounce of doubt left that smartphone isn’t an entertaining tool. So, you can have plenty of fun with the smartphone and always relies on it at the time of boredom. That’s why our smartphone is truly a friend in need.

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