Social Media Is Spying Over You All The Time


Are you a social media addict? You must be saying that I’m not a social media addict, by sharing some of my images and posting my every activity on social media won’t make me an addict.

Well, we all think that we are not addicted to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. But, in reality, we are an addict to our social platforms to extend that we share every bit of our personal information on it. And, without giving a second thought on the factors like security and privacy.

If you believe that after sharing your personal information on social networks, your private life is perfectly secured, then my friend you are in delusion. From the minute you press the “Agree” button on Terms conditions page of a social platform without evening reading properly, from that time your personal life is open to the world.

You Post Way Too Much

Well, if you are thinking how can social media platforms spy over you and how your personal security is under threat? Then, you are the cause of your own misery, your posts like:

“Chilling Out With Family in Shimla”

After posting such kind of information on your social handle, you can’t expect security in your life. These kinds of posts are a clear invitation to thieves on silver lining to rob your home. This is just a small example of how your personal life is showcased in front of the world. There are plenty of other ways in which social networks are interfering your life.

Like, have you ever wondered when you search for something online, then how come same Facebook ads keep on popping on your account. This happens because your social media platform is sharing your personal information with third parties.


Now, don’t give this dramatic reaction because social platforms are doing this legally. Yep, you have given permission yourself when you click on “I Agree”. So, you can’t sue or stop your social network provider from using and sharing your personal information. But, you can take some security measures.

How To Secure Your Social Media Handle?

Well, the easiest way to get your privacy back is to cut down from social platforms totally, but that’s not possible because we are an addict. So, here we can be little smart and protect our privacy by following methods;

  • Okay, first you have to read all the terms and conditions mentioned on your social network account. Well, we get that it is a difficult task, but to secure the private life you have to read all the small terms and conditions.
  • You have to visit your security page and have to ensure that security and privacy details according to your wish. Never rely upon the default privacy system.
  • Please stop clicking on useless posts like “Check your death day”, “Find which celebrity do you look like” and so on.
    Install good quality of antivirus in with your mobile phone and laptops.
  • Turn off your location. Some websites may ask you to give them your exact location. Never give your exact location to anyone by doing this you can protect yourself in some way.
  • Note down your all security answer so that you can access your account if anyone hacks it.
  • Never leave your account logged in as it will be a clear invitation to the hackers and cybercriminals.
  • Always create a strong password for your account and never sure your password with anyone else if you have to ever open your social media account in someone else mobile or laptop, then immediately change your password.

So, indeed social media is a threat to our private life. But, if we use social platforms smartly and only post limited information on them, then we can enjoy the social networks and can protect our privacy as well.

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