Social Media and Travel goes together


Social Media Is An Ultimate Travel Buddy

Well, the winter season is almost over and soon the summer vacations will be there. And, the old song of planning family summer vacation will start. Where every member of the family has their own vacation destination planned out based on their friend’s Facebook images. Because today 52% of people said that their holiday plans are inspired by their friends Facebook posts.

Oh, yes, guys these days you might have realized that your vacation destination is decided on the basis of social media trends. Your social media accounts like tags and tweets play the vital role in planning your next trip. Nowadays, we all prefer googling the vacations plans before implementing them.

Today with the help of mobile phone technology and the internet, one can easily plan their holiday trip. And, moreover, social media has given a silver lining to travel junkies. As now, all the elements required to plan holidays are available in their hands.


Let’s see how:

Facebook & Google’s Contribution Towards Travel

Okay, so before planning a holiday nowadays we always check hotel ratings, reviews, tourists places etc, information of the place on either Facebook or Google. So, both these companies thought why not provide better options to the travelers.

So, Facebook introduced City’s Guide feature, where all the information regarding your friend’s visits is captured. Also, the brief information of city, like the best places to visit there and other tips regarding the trip. Now, how come Google stays behind, so they introduced Google Trip app. The app got covered all the elements that are required to plan a dynamic trip.

Well, so we can say that social media is today one of the biggest sources of travel plans. As almost 50% of people, today trust social media for travel. Don’t believe us? Then, let’s divide traveling into three parts and see how social media effects each part.

Pre-vacation planning:

Okay, so let’s first see how many folks rely on social media in the preplanning phase of their vacation. Because figures say that 48% people change their original holiday plan after a social media trip.

  1. Early bloomers.

    The people who immediately open up their social media accounts within the five minutes of planning.

  • Destinations: 27%
  • Hotels: 23%
  • Vacation activities: 22%
  • Attractions: 21%
  • Restaurants: 17%
  1. Inspiration takers

    . Well, folks who go to the social media to inspiration for their next holiday destination weights as:

  • Facebook: 29%
  • TripAdvisor: 14%
  • Twitter: 6%
  • Pinterest: 4%
  1. Online booking.

    The statistics regarding the people who prefer online booking for their holiday stuff.

  • Switched hotels: 33%
  • Switched resorts: 10%
  • Vacationed in a different country: 7%
  • Switched airlines: 5%

During the Holidays:

Yes, people won’t leave social media alone during their holidays. As 70% of people like to post their destinations on social media and 72% selfie-takers posts pictures of their holiday on Facebook, while they are on the holiday.

Post vacation:

Well, travelers won’t shut up after the holiday also. As 76% of travelers like to brag about their holiday on social media. Like:

Facebook pages specific to a vacation: 55%

  • Post hotel reviews: 46%
  • Post activity/attraction reviews: 40%
  • Post restaurant reviews: 40%

So, indeed people social media and travel go together.

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