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Social media platforms are generally designed to provide the confined experience to their on the secured base of the website only. However, to make the social media platforms accessible to all the users and to increase the user base, the social media websites started to develop the APIs.

If you are into social media programming, then you must get yourself familiar with the Social Network API (Application Programming Interface). This had been used by the majority of social media websites to make their developers easily communicate with the social network, gather some demographic data information, get the user information, etc., or take new social media site like Twitter.

Before moving forward let’s discuss API and what does it mean.

Application Programming Interface

API is a platform provided by the social media networks to other applications and websites so that they can pull data from social media websites and integrate into their applications or websites. As a social media network is providing this so we can assume it just a puppet. They are offering limited features to the developers so they require developers to create API keys before using the API.

It’s like Aadhaar card, whenever someone tries to do anything wrong or malfunction the API, then API key helps in catching that person. Moreover, access to the API lead to following developments;

  • Developers create web-based games or user based game in which user can log in using their social media account and compete with their friends on that social media network. Have you ever received candy crush requests on your Facebook account and have ever wondered why candy crush offers extra life and so many other benefits by signing up using your Facebook details? Well, that’s because to get the user data from their social media account to make their data source more strong.
  • These days all the websites and applications offer the option to sign in using your social media account details. The main objective here is to retrieve the user social media data for the advertising purpose. This is very useful to display ads on the web or application as per the demographic data collected from linked social media account. If you have seen Google map embedded on the website? Then, this is possible because of the Google Map API which enables developers to embed Google maps on their website or app using JavaScript or Flash Interface. These APIs are designed to work on the desktop as well as mobile.

Popular APIs That Developers Can Try

  • eBay has released the first API in 2000, they hoped to expand their business growth with it. But, later in 2005, the API was readily available for use.
  • Amazon has released their API service in 2002 to allow developers to extract the information of customers data, reviews, product lists, etc., Amazon has released API for their web service and Alexa also.
  • Google has launched its first search engine API in April 2002 to allow developers to extract 1000 automated search queries. However, the current situation has totally changed with thousands of Google APIs available for different services.
  • Facebook introduced their first API in 2006. Facebook Developer API was one of the first API to be released as platform-specific API. Today Facebook provides Graph API with the Open Stream API being the latest.
  • Youtube started its first API in the year 2008 which allowed developers to embed YouTube videos to their website or applications and helps in checking the demographics of their YouTube channel. And, you have YouTube API includes YouTube Data API, YouTube Analytics API, YouTube Live Streaming API and many more.

There are plenty of other social media networks are available who are offering their API to the developers such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, etc, So, if you are a social media personality, then start using these APIs today.

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