Some Common Tools and Tricks Used by Unethical Hacking


Tools of Unethical Hackers

Unethical hacking is a legal offense, but that hasn’t stopped hackers from transparency your personal information and using it for their own benefits. If you have been taking precautions regarding the cyber security of your company or personal profile. Then, that’s a great thing, but people these hackers are super smart. As they have already figured out the way to hack your information.

So, the optimum solution here to protect your personal information from the web of the hackers would be thinking like hackers. Yep, if you start thinking like hackers and get information regarding the tools and tricks used by the hackers, then you can understand the modus operandi of the hackers.

Here we have enlisted the tools commonly used by the hackers to target your information. So, guys, understand the functioning of these tools and keep all the hackers away from your life.

#1. Keylogger

A keylogger is a software which stores key sequences and keystrokes of your keyboard into the log files. The key sequences are mainly your email addresses or passwords. This is also known as keyword capturing, which takes place both on software and hardware.

Whereas the software targets the program of your system, on the contrary, hardware devices target keyboards and keyboard sensors of smartphones. This is the main reason that the banking site encourages people to use their own virtual keyboards. As numerous net banking frauds have been taken place because of Keylogger.

#2. Denial of Service (DoS\DDoS)

Denial of Service is a very popular technique used by hackers to attack the websites. Hackers send plenty of fake requests to the server of the site that eventually site crashes because of the overload. In this hacker over floods the target machine with tonnes of requests which overwhelms the target from getting actual request.

For this type of attacks, hackers usually use the deploy botnets or zombie computers to send bulk requests. With the advancement in the malware and viruses, the hackers are getting better in the Denial of Service attacks.

#3. Waterhole attacks

In this attacking technique, hackers use a very basic principle of targeting the weaker point of the victim. Like, to kill all the dangerous animals in an area, it is advised to poison the source of water for animals. This will eventually kill all the animals.

Similarly, in a waterhole attack, attackers target the weakest point of the victim and access their server. The hacker might follow your access routine and target your browsing history by creating the fake Wi-Fi network. As in this attack, hackers attack the victim from a specific location. Thus it is difficult to locate the hacker. This attack can be easily protected using basic security practices and regularly updating OS.

#4. Fake WAP

This is the easiest and simplest way to hack anyone’s server. With the help of Wi-Fi access point, the hacker can offer the public Wi-Fi network to you in public place. Like, coffee shop or airport. Once you are connected to this fake WAP, then the hacker can easily access your data. Anyone can name their WAP as some legit name like “Heathrow Airport WiFi” or “Starbucks WiFi” and start spying on you. One of the best ways to protect yourself from this attack would be by using a secured VPN network.

#5. Eavesdropping (Passive Attacks)

This attack isn’t practiced to harm the system. The motive behind this attack is to closely observe all the activities of the user secretly and gathering all the relevant and irrelevant information. These types of hackers can target email, instant messaging services, phone calls, web browsing, and other methods of communication. These kinds of activities are normally performed by the blackmailers and government agencies.

So, people stay a step ahead of the cyber hackers and secure your personal information.

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